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    anon in case he sees this, haha.

    ok, so from Feb until the end of August, I was in my first proper relationship, with a guy I really really loved, and who really really loved me. for both of us it was our first relationship, and we literally texted 24/7, met up at least every other day after school, every weekend etc. in hindsight we both probably neglected friends to be with each other, but at the time it felt like that was so right, because we were friends too, we got on so well it was almost as if we were best friends as well as boyfriend and girlfriend.

    then in August it ended, for a number of reasons, we'd been arguing and he was leaving for uni, and we both realised that friends was really all we wanted to be. and then 2 days after we broke up, he went out with his friends, and kissed another guy (him being bi had never been a problem for me, but yeah...). and then called me to tell me about it. because we were friends, and that's what friends do. which ofc i found a bit odd.

    so yeah, despite a peculiar start friendship kind of worked, we texted again and agreed to meet up as friends and watch a film...and then basically one thing led to another and we ended up kissing, and it went back to as if we were together again. so we talked, and ended up deciding on this sort of 'not really friends with benefits but basically almost that' thing- for the 3 weeks before he went away, we would meet up, act just like it was before, but just not tell anyone, so we didn't have to deal with the pressure of there being an 'us', not having to deal with other people, not having to deal with the horrible question of what to do when he went to uni because really all we were were friends. and we decided it would be the perfect way to wind down our relationship. the perfect goodbye.

    and it was perfect. those 3 weeks went so so so fast, and i only told my best (girl) friend about it, and she helped the cover up...and yeah. it was just lovely. but yesterday he went to uni (i live in newcastle, he's going to exeter), and i'm just lost. last night we met up to say goodbye, and basically he told me that he needed space, so that for the first 2 weeks we aren't having any contact at all. which i know is for the best to help me get over him, but yeah.

    i need advice on how to get over him. how to act, because i miss him so much and there's only my one friend (who isn't at school with me anyway) who knows the whole story, so nobody else will understand why i'm so sad, because to them we're just friends. and i'm sorry if this is incoherent, i'm just really not sure how i'm meant to be feeling, never mind how i'm meant to act.
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    Go out, meet up with friends, have fun! I thought my life as i knew it was over when my girl finished with me back in march. I had to move out of our flat back to the parentals and it was the worst experience i have ever gone through. But, my mates were there for me, took me out and completely out of the blue, i got speaking to a girl i had previously had a fling with. Havnt looked back since. Being mates is another way to prolong the agony, sorry to say it, i told my now ex that i didnt want to lose contact completely, tbh, it was probably for the best that i did!
    Chin up, things will and do get better
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