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Quango cuts: 177 bodies to be scrapped under coalition plans watch

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    Public Bodies to be scrapped:
    Administrative Justice and Tribunal Council

    Advisory Board on the Registration of Homeopathic Products

    Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens

    Advisory Committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections

    Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances

    Advisory Committee on Carbon Abatement Technologies

    Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites

    Advisory Committee on National Historic Ships

    Advisory Committee on Organic Standards

    Advisory Committee on Packaging

    Advisory Committee on Pesticides

    Advisory Committee on the Government Art Collection

    Advisory Committee on the safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs

    Advisory Council on Libraries

    Advisory Group on Hepatitis

    Advisory Panel on Local Innovation Awards

    Advisory Panel on Standards for the Planning Inspectorate

    Agricultural Dwelling House Committees (16 bodies)

    Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales

    Agricultural Wages Committees (15 bodies)

    Air Quality Expert Group

    Alcohol Education and Research Council

    Animal Welfare Advisory Committee

    Appointments Commission

    Audit Commission

    British Educational Communications and Technology Agency

    British Nuclear Fuels

    British Shipbuilders

    British Waterways

    Capacity Builders

    Caribbean Board

    Churches Conservation Trust

    Commission for Integrated Transport

    Commission for Rural Communities

    Commissioner for the Compact

    Committee on Agricultural Valuation

    Committee on Carcogenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment

    Committee on Medical Aspects of Air Pollutants

    Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment

    Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment

    Committee on the Safety of Devices

    Commons Commissioners

    Consular Stakeholder Panel

    Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence

    Courts Boards (19 bodies)

    Crown Court Rule Committee

    Cycling England

    Darwin Advisory Committee

    Disability Employment Advisory Committee

    Disability Living/Attendance Allowance Advisory Board

    Disabled Persons' Transport Advisory Committee

    Expert Advisory Group on HIV/AIDS

    Expert Panel on Air Quality Standards

    Farm Animal Welfare Council

    Food from Britain

    Foreign Compensation Commission

    Gene Therapy Advisory Committee

    General Social Care Council

    General Teaching Council for England

    Genetics and Insurance Committee

    Government Hospitality Advisory Committee on the Purchase of Wines

    Government Strategic Marketing Advisory Board

    Health Protection Agency

    Hearing Aid Council

    Herbal Medicines Advisory Committee

    HM Inspectorate of Court Administration

    Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

    Human Genetics Commission

    Human Tissue Authority

    Independent Advisory Group of Sexual Health and HIV

    Independent Advisory Group on Teenage Pregnancy

    Independent Living Fund

    Independent Review Panel for the Classification of Borderline Products

    Independent Review Panel on the Advertising of Medicines

    Infrastructure Planning Commission

    Inland Waterways Advisory Council

    Insolvency Practitioners Tribunal

    Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisations

    Legal Deposit Advisory Panel

    Legal Services Commission

    Legal Services Ombudsman

    London Thames Gateway Development Corporation*

    Main Honours Advisory Committee

    Maqistrates' Court Rule Committee

    Museums, Libraries and Archives Council

    National Housing and Planning Advice Unit

    National Information Governance Board

    National Joint Registry Steering Committee

    National Policing Improvement Agency

    National Standing Committee for Farm Animal Genetic Resources

    National Tenant Voice

    National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts

    Office for the Civil Society Advisory Bodies

    Olympic Park Legacy Company*

    Pesticides Residues Committee

    Public Guardian Board

    Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency

    Railway Heritage Committee

    Regional Development Agencies (8 bodies)

    Renewables Advisory Board

    Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution

    School Food Trust

    School Support Staff Negotiating Body

    Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

    Security Commission

    Security Industry Authority


    Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee

    Standards Board for England

    Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property

    Sustainable Development Commission

    Teachers TV Board

    The Theatres Trust

    Thurrock Thames Gateway Development Corporation*

    UK Chemical Weapons Convention National Authority Advisory Committee

    UK Film Council

    Union Modernisation Advisory Fund

    Veterinary Residues Committee

    Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Advisory Board

    West Northamptonshire Development Corporation*

    Women's National Commission

    Zoos Forum

    * = Responsibility devolved to relevant Local Authority

    Public bodiess to be privatised (4 bodies)

    Construction and Skills Training Board

    Engineering Construction Industry

    Film Industry Training Board

    The Tote Board

    Public bodies to be merged or consolidated (Maximum of 129 bodies reduced to Minimum of 57)

    Advisory Committees on Justices of the Peace, (101 bodies – to be reduced to 49)

    Central Arbitration Committee, Single Arbitration Panel

    Certification Office, (as above)

    Competition Appeals Tribunal, Single Tribunals Service

    Competition Service, (as above)

    Copyright Tribunal, (as above)

    Police Advisory Board, (as above)

    Police Negotiating Board, (as above)

    Police Arbitration Tribunal, (as above)

    Rent Assessment Panels, (as above)

    Residential Property Tribunal Service, (as above)

    Valuation Tribunal for England, (as above)

    Valuation Tribunal Service, (as above)

    Crown Prosecution Service, Single Prosecution Service

    Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office, (as above)

    English Heritage, Single Heritage Body

    National Heritage Memorial Fund, (as above)

    National Heritage Lottery Fund, (as above)

    Football Licensing Authority, Single Sport Body

    Sport England, (as above)

    UK Sport, (as above)

    Gambling Commission, Single Gambling Regulator

    National Lottery Commission, (as above)

    Ofcom, Single Communications Regulator

    Postcomm, (as above)

    Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, Single Immigration Body

    Pensions Ombudsman, Single Pensions Regulator

    Pensions Protection Fund Ombudsman, (as above)

    Serious Organised Crime Agency, Merged into National Crime Agency

    Public bodies still under review (94 bodies)

    Advisory Committee on Conscientious Objectors

    Advisory Council on Public Records

    Advisory Council on National Records and Archives

    Advisory Council on Historical Manuscripts

    Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information

    Agricultural and Horticultural Development Board

    Animal Procedures Committee

    BBC World Service

    British Council

    British Hallmarking Council

    Building Regulations Advisory Committee

    Carbon Trust

    Chief Coroner of England and Wales

    Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission

    Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

    Children's Workforce Development Council

    Civil Justice Council

    Coal Authority

    Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

    Community Development Foundation

    Competition Commission

    Consumer Council for Water

    Consumer Focus

    Covent Garden Market Authority

    Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

    Design Council

    Diplomatic Service Appeals Board

    Exports Credit Guarantee Department

    Energy Savings Trust

    Environment Agency

    Equality and Human Rights Commission

    Family Justice Council


    Forestry Commission

    Fuel Poverty Advisory Group

    Historic Royal Palaces

    Homes and Community Agency

    Horserace Betting Levy Board

    Independent Safeguarding Authority

    Industrial Development Advisory Board

    Investigatory Powers Tribunal

    Joint Nature Conservation Committee

    Law Commission of England and Wales

    Leasehold Advisory Service

    Local Better Regulation Office

    National Museums and Galleries (18 bodies*)

    National Army Museum

    National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services

    National Employer Advisory Board

    National Forest Company

    National Museum of the Royal Navy

    Natural England

    Office for Fair Access

    Office for Fair Trading


    Partnership for Schools

    Public Lending Right Committee

    Public Trustee Youth Justice Board

    Rail Passengers' Committee

    Remploy, Ltd.

    Renewable Fuels Agency

    Royal Air Force Museum

    Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

    Royal Mint Advisory Committee on the Design of Coins, Medals, Seals and Decorations

    Sea Fish Industry Authority

    Student Loans Company

    Tenant Services Authority

    The National Archives

    The Office of the Children's Commissioner

    The Pensions Advisory Service

    Training and Development Agency for Schools

    UK Atomic Energy Agency

    UK India Round Table

    UK Supreme Court

    Visit Britain

    Visit England

    Young People's Learning Agency

    * Refers to those National Museums and Galleries in England which are publicly-funded by DCMS and receive rebates of VAT incurred in the course of their activities, in order them to enable free admission to the public. These are: The British Museum; The Imperial War Museum; The National Gallery; The National Maritime Museum; The National Museums & Galleries of Merseyside; The Natural History Museum; The Royal Armouries; The Science Museum; The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television; The National Railway Museum; The National Coal Mining Museum for England; The Tate Galleries; The Wallace Collection; The Greater Manchester Museum of Science and Industry; Sir John Soane’s Museum; The Museum of London; The Geffrye Museum; and The Horniman Museum. Other publicly-funded museums (The British Library, The National Army Museum, etc.) are separately referred to in this list, and museums in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are a devolved matter (although they also receive rebates of VAT).

    Public bodies which will be retained (350 bodies)


    Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee

    Advisory Committee on Business Appointments

    Advisory Committee on Civil Costs

    Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards

    Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances

    Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment

    Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs

    Advisory Group on Military Medicine

    Agricultural Land Tribunal

    Architects Registration Board

    Armed Forces Pay Review Body

    Arts Council England


    Big Lottery Fund

    British Railway Board (Residuary) Ltd

    British Library

    British Pharmocopoeia Commission

    British Transport Police

    British Wool Marketing Board

    Broads Authority

    Capital for Enterprise

    Care Quality Commission

    Central Advisory Committee on Pensions and Compensation

    Central Office of Information

    Didn't read through the list but what's your point exactly?


    whats your point??
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    Just thought it was an interesting topic for discussion.
    Surely there are some of these organisations some people will not want to see go? Which ones are you glad to see the back of?

    I can't say there's many I reckon I'd miss.

    I expect a lot of functions done by the quangos will have to be transferred to other quangos and re-employing the same people. I don't think there will be much in the way of savings and probably need to pay re-organisation costs to move people around.

    Just had a look through, and seen that the Student Loans Company are up for review. Good! Give the loans back to the local authorities and we won't have all the trouble we've had over the past couple of years with people not getting their loans till halfway through the first term.

    The British Council?? That seems like a strange one to scrap.

    They shouldn't get rid of the BBC World Service... **** the BBC all they like, but keep the world service.

    (Original post by Teaddict)
    They shouldn't get rid of the BBC World Service... **** the BBC all they like, but keep the world service.
    It's still under review - hopefully that review will find they still need it.

    (Original post by Wednesday Bass)
    It's still under review - hopefully that review will find they still need it.
    I hope so. Unlike the BBC, the World Service doesn't over pay its directors/managers etc and it provides a fantastic service to many countries which is quite useful to Britain.

    Some of those that they are scrapping or merging seem to have been grossly undervalued, like Cycling England or British Waterways. The former costs a mere pittance but does a sterling job at promoting cycling schemes across the country, and thus probably saves much more than it's running cost in terms of reduced health bills for the NHS - more people cycling = less pollutants and more exercise. The latter is an example of a public body where, unless they're proposing to just put waterways in council hands or back into the direct realm of the state, it is the best option to have a quango. Who will manage our waterways now, I wonder? I doubt that whatever solution they come up with to replace BW will cost the same/more, be more fragmented and be less able to deal with the task.

    We need to get rid of many quangos, but the government seems to have gotten rid of many of the wrong ones. I literally cannot believe that the BBC World Service or the British Council are even up for debate, for example; they are invaluable in representing Britain abroad. The one that really took the biscuit for me, however, was that they're considering getting rid of the Environment Agency. FACEPALM.

    Advisory Board on the Registration of Homeopathic Products

    Um lol? That's a good choice for the top of the list xD (as I tl;dr for all the others)

    They could just save all the money by not funding homeopathy on the NHS, then these quango things could stay running instead.

    I'm pleased they're scapping all these quangos, but just hoping they don't offset that by creating a load more.

    Supreme Court ? I'm really surprised

    To be fair, just because they are scrapping the QUANGO doesn't mean they are scrapping the function it performed - often the duties these Quangos performed were previously done by a government department. The reason a lot of them are being scrapped is because they're wholly funded by the government yet almost entirely unaccountable to the public who use their services. This ins't true in all cases, but having thousands of different offices, letter headers, logos, websites etc really does add up when it could all be under the same department in a government.

    (Original post by MagneticMeteor)
    Supreme Court ? I'm really surprised
    Indeed, especially considering that we just build a honking great new building for it.

    Would've been better to wait and see if it was as effective as the Law Lords, surely? It's barely been around for a year.

    The National Archives should stay.
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    PS Helper
    Yay more bureaucracy :clap2:
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