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Stuck CD in Car Stereo CD player (Offline, No power) watch

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    Need urgent help!

    Last week was pay day! So I thought I treat myself to a new car stereo player, not being a car genius I decided to pay the extra fee for Halfords to fit in the new stereo player.

    While not thinking I left my music CD in my old Stereo CD player! So I went down Halfords and asked if they can get this out of the old player, and got told that I would have to pay an extra fee to just get a CD out of my old stereo… Not happy when I paid the fee to get the new stereo fitted in.

    I don’t want to smash the stereo up as I want to sell the CD stereo player on, so is there any idea’s out there on how to remove the CD from the player? I have no power source just to mention or no idea how to refit the stereo back in and I do not wish to use butter to slide the cd out (Classic if you’re a IT nerd :yes: ).

    Any help would be great,



    open it up

    That happened to me once... I didnt get the cd back out either. I wrote my car off and had to put the cd player back in the car and it had the cd in it... I wasnt impressed LOL.

    There should still be some wires sticking out of the back hopefully. If there are, twist the red and yellow wires together and connect them to the positive ( + ) side of the battery. Take the black wire and connect it to the negative ( - ) side of the battery. This will power up the stereo and allow you to eject the CD.

    If there aren't any wires, it'll be a bit harder. Post the make and model of your head unit, or the car and year that it came from if it's the one that comes with the car.
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