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want to quit facebook? watch


    (Original post by ilyking)
    I see so many people using Facebook now a days, but a lot of the people I know who achieve high grades don't even have Facebook accounts! I once was a Facebookaholic and I know they do not let you leave the site very easily ('deactivate', how very deceiving). You sit there for hours and hours and not realising how much time has past. Facebook also taught me the art of procrastination. I see so many people posting silly emosh statuses too which sort of pissed me off, yet i still used it. It was a big problem for me but now I have a solution. (Facebook has an option to delete your account, but you mustn't log in for 2 weeks, which, during that time, you maybe tempted to login. They keep pulling you back because they don't want you to stop using there service). It's quick, it will take about 8-10 minutes. Some of this may seem awkward but hey, atleast you can invest time into studying.

    Step 1: Open up notepad, smash random keys until you have about 30-40 letters in one paragraph without spaces/ punctuation marks.

    Step 2: 'Ctrl + C' (copy) a section of that paragraph of letters without remembering what letters you chose. (probably about 6-9 characters) (Do not close Notepad just yet).

    Step 3: Create a new hotmail account

    (Note: while making the hotmail account, as the password of this hotmail account, 'Ctrl + V' (paste) the random letters from Notepad.)

    Step 4: Finish off registering the Fake Email account until you finish.

    I am going to refer to the email you just made as the 'Fake Email', and your real life email will be 'Your Email'

    Step 5: Login to your Facebook account and go to Account Settings > Change Email.

    Step 6: Use the Fake Email you just made, - you are one step closer to making the 'Fake Email' the host email account of this Facebook profile.

    Step 7: Login to the Fake Email on mail.live.com and you should receive an email confirmation from Facebook providing a link which activates the 'Fake Email' to your Facebook account.

    Step 8: Now log back into your Facebook profile using the 'Fake Email'.

    Step 9: Now go to Account Settings > Change Email

    YOU SHOULD now see two hotmail accounts linked to one Facebook account, (these two emails would be 'The Fake' email and 'Your Email'). Click the 'Remove' button under 'Your Email' account. From now on your Real Life email account will not be affiliated with Facebook.

    The Fake email should now be the only hotmail account active on your Facebook. Now for the easy part:

    Step 10: go to Account Settings > Change password. Enter your old password and press 'Ctrl + v' into the new password. It will ask you to enter your New Password again, so press 'Ctrl + V' again in the space provided.

    Step 11: go to Account Settings > Deactive account

    Step 12: It will ask you to confirm deactivation by providing the password to the Facebook account, in this case you should just press 'Ctrl + V' in the space provided. Click Confirm.

    Step 13: Close Notepad without looking at the text and close it without saving. :eek3:

    You maybe thinking that this is really long and unnecessary and there is an easier way around it, why not just change my password to something I can't remember? you may ask, well.. it's not that easy. Facebooks priority is mind control and they will do whatever it takes to achieve this!

    Happy studying! Let me know if you encounter any problems and I will edit. If you have any questions let me know and I will reply asap.
    yeah you could do that

    or just not go on it :holmes:

    Or just not use it? :erm:
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    I wish it was as easy as "just don't go on it" lol

    You could also make a random account with a mubo jumbo password (use the same password to change it on facebook) then delete your account.

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