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Uni homesick + relationships= lonely watch

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    Hey, I recently started uni and I feel that my freshers week was fairly disappointing.

    You look forward to the whole experience of moving out, meeting people etc and it really is a lot harder than I thought it would ever be.

    At home I have about 7 or 8 close friends that I saw regularly but most of us are at uni now. Now that I moved in, I don't feel all that bothered about hanging out with my flatmates, just feels wierd. Only do it when we're cooking or getting drunk (which feels awful in the morning).

    Also the situation with girls is just rubbish because I'm so friendly towards girls that's usually only how they ever see me! I have a girl on my course and we go lectures together and hang out a bit but I've always had the problem of going from friend to something more. I also stupidly thought that girls would be ''up for it'' sounds wrong but I did lol. When I see these guys pulling these girls at freshers events I just feel empty. I have a lot of girl mates back home but that's all they are and yes I'm a virgin = sucks

    I think my main problem is that I feel really lonely with no proper clicky male friends and no girls to feel properly close with. Hopefully that will change when I go to see my family today and I'll just feel at home.

    My main and only question is does it get better after the first week or worse as lectures will start.

    Sorry about the long message, just got carried away.

    As is said in multiple threads here, no doubt, it gets better. You sign up to societies, you meet new people in lectures, and you generally just get more confident about everything. Just go out, enjoy yourself, don't worry too much about pulling, and have fun - University isn't all about sex, drugs and alcohol-induced blackouts. It's one of the biggest steps in your life, and potentially the most fun too.

    For comparison: I didn't think much about pulling in first year - obviously I was disappointed that Freshers wasn't the big orgy everyone had made it out to be, but hey-ho, and then out-of-the-blue in April I managed to pull. Confidence-boost until September when I asked my crush out, she said yes, we dated, she couldn't cope with the LDR, we split. Confidence crash for 10months. Currently back at Square One, through moving abroad to study, so I feel like a total outcast within my halls; but I still go out, make friends, try not to think "Erasmus = Orgasms" too much, and generally enjoy myself.

    But, back to you: seriously, stick it out. In the words of D.ream - Things can only get better.
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