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    I'm an international student and I will be starting my course on the 4th October. I am having troubles regarding to the tenancy contract of specific properties.

    One of the property is a Student House Share and has 1 INDIVIDUAL ROOM TO LET IN A 8 BEDROOM. I enquired the agency about what this meant and they refer this as a Individual Tenancy Agreement where I'm only liable for my own rent and no one elses. But it not state Individual tenancy agreement in description.

    I also ask more information on another property that is a STUDENT HOUSE SHARE where 1 ROOM AVAILABLE FOR INDIVIDUAL TENANCY AGREEMENTS IN 7 BEDROOM.

    They stated, this is a Joint and Several Tenancy agreement, not an Individual Tenancy agreement, If someone moves out of the property, I will be liable for their rent.

    It was the manager I was talking to but what doesn't make sense is... Joint and several is Individual and vice versa? :confused: I asked, was this a typo mistake?

    Am i being scammed?
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    Also if i'm correct, refering to in my first post:


    "Let Only (or Introduction Only)

    This is the most basic service and as the name implies means that the agent will market your property with a view to finding a suitable tenant. The agent will take up references (although the prospective tenant will be charged for this) and draw up the Tenancy Agreement (you may be charges extra for this) on your behalf. Once the tenant moves in it becomes your responsibility to manage the property and collect the rent."


    So really, am I being lead on with lies? The fact that agency is being paid for the service and they would do anything to get it out of the way??

    I'm not entirely sure what your question is here, but Individual tenancies and Joint and several tenancies are different things. As you note, with an individual tenancy you are only responsible for your own rent, and with a joint tenancy all of the tenants in the property are responsible for the entire sum of the rent (so if someone moves out the rest of the tenants must make up the difference in the rent).

    If you're looking at two separate properties then it is quite possible that each individual landlord has chosen a different way to rent out their properties - one might choose to use individual tenancies, and another might choose to use a joint tenancy. In this case, it looks like the letting agency have been lazy and they are reusing similar information for all of their properties. However they did tell you about the different tenancies when you asked so you're not being scammed - it would be more of a scam if you paid a holding fee for the property on the understanding that it was an individual tenancy, and then you found out that it wasn't. In this case you have been provided with the information you need to make a fairly informed decision, although the agency do seem to be a bit confusing.

    The quote in your second post refers to the landlord's contract with the agency. Many letting agencies offer different kinds of services to landlords. Some will fully manage a property, so they'll find the tenants, collect the rent, they'll be a first point of contact for repairs etc, and in some cases they will have the ability to authorise minor repairs up to a certain amount. In other cases a landlord will choose a lesser kind of service where the letting agent will only be responsible for finding a tenant, and the landlord will take over after that. It doesn't really affect the kind of tenancy offered as a landlord will decide this separately and again, isn't a sign that you're being scammed. I agree that sometimes agencies don't always tell the truth when they want commission on a let, so it's always essential to ask questions about the type of tenancy and more importantly, you must read any contract carefully before you sign it.

    Many letting agencies are perhaps not as efficient as they should be and this is a particular problem for student tenancies. If you're not happy with the way a particular agency is behaving, then it's probably a good idea to move on and look somewhere else. As an international student, it might be a good idea to get in touch with your university's accommodation service, to see if they can recommend any agencies or landlords.
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