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    Self esteem is a complex.

    People giving advice telling you to go out more, talk to more people, aren't right. While I agree that yes (i) going out will improve your confidence slightly and (ii) increase your self esteem and the number of friends you gain, the ideal way to get self esteem is through sex.

    People fear sex. Not because they find sex a daunting process, it's actually the opposite. It's because they fear they haven't got anyone to have sex with. I suggest you go out clubbing with the goal of getting laid. If that fails, then seek out a prostitute. I know that's probably not your thing, but trust me, you WILL feel more confident after the release sex gives you.

    Sex transforms you into a fully rounded member of society and opens your mind up to new opportunities which previously you would've dismissed as ludicrous.

    (Original post by hazelsaurus)
    N'awh thanks personally I wouldn't feel like much of a friend if I didn't help her.

    And thanks that's a really good idea, I really appreciate it I guess being more productive at helping her insecurities is more effective than just compliments (Y) Thanks
    it's no problem
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    (Original post by The_Lonely_Goatherd)
    Something I've found with my aforementioned experience of dealing with someone with incredibly low self-esteem is that they seem slightly more responsive to empirical proof. It's one thing if you say to someone, "you're beautiful" etc but if you can have some concrete evidence for it and show it to them, they're marginally more inclined to take note of it.

    Persistence is important, if you really wanna make a difference
    Thanks, that's a good idea, I really appreciate your help
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    (Original post by hazelsaurus)
    Thanks, that's a good idea, I really appreciate your help
    No worries. I can empathise with how difficult it can be. Something to consider is not only what your friend's response is but also what it isn't. Like I think my low self-esteem person doesn't believe most of what I say (though my empirical list of who fancies her and the proof of that cannot easily be dismissed :p: )... but she also hasn't told me to stop bugging her. Which in my case (not necessarily the same in every case, mind you) means even if she can't take in what I'm saying, she appreciates my non-stop attempts to boost her self-confidence
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