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Can only apply to oxford/cambridge once - true? watch


    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    Yeah it is a sad story, he's an extreme example of something that does manifest itself in people to varying degrees: the Oxbridge rejection syndrome.

    I remember our form teacher in 6th form talking about it once, she said she always dreaded the results of Oxbridge applications coming out, because in some rejected students you would see a change in them that would be permanent. Most of those applying are bright kids who have been used to success all through their school career, and being top of the class, and at 17/18 its the first time anybody has said "no" to them.

    It can go two ways....some are driven to massive high ambition to compensate for it, and go off to another uni, work hard, nail a first, and end up doing whatever it takes to make sure they get a high flying job, so they can prove to themselves that they were good enough. My uncle who worked in stategic consulting said something similar to me, that you would find super-driven types in there who had been to Bristol, St Andrews etc, and were probably Oxbridge rejects, whereas a lot of the Oxbridge grads were slightly more laid back. In this way it can be a positive thing if it lights the fire of ambition.

    In other cases, it makes people re-evaluate their self worth negatively. Maybe they were always a bit of a bookworm at school and not in with the 'trendy crowd' so they hung around with the other school swots. Then they all applied to Oxbridge and some of their friends got in and they didn't. From then on they are not accepted in quite the same way by their social group, who are all excited about whose going to which college and what they are going to do at uni, while they are looking at whichever redbrick they had as back up. Then their parents probably expected them to get in, and even though everybody puts on a brave face telling them they can still get a great education elsewhere and so on, they can't help but think that people are slightly disappointed. The sad thing about this is it can end up killing off people's ambition. Sites like TSR make it worse for people who get rejected by Oxbridge because a lot of the exaggerated talk on here is about university superiority.

    I always feel sad when I see people on TSR talking about reapplying because I wonder if they are going to go the way of the three rejection guy......many years later I found him on facebook and he had basically turned into Frank from Shameless.
    Did he get interviews at least?

    (Original post by TheRevolution)
    I was oversimplifying when i was talking about "best" schools and I accept the point about best schools within schools.

    I accept your point about there being more than 2 top schools. But as you said in the end Oxbridge superior prestige to any other UK university. In the US Harvard/Yale/Princeton and possibly columbia have about equal overall prestige. You told me to reject the concept and then you confirmed it in your conclusion.
    No, I didn't say there are only 2 two top schools in the UK, I just said that Oxbridge is the most prestigious.

    Likewise, Princeton and Columbia are not as prestigious as Harvard and Yale (at least in the UK) similarly, UCL and LSE aren't as prestigious as Oxford and Cambridge.

    Prestigious =/= best.

    (Original post by TheRevolution)
    I'm suprised he didn't kill himself, i could imagine myself struggling with it. It would be good if Oxbridge in the UK was like Ivy League in the US where there is more than 2 top schools. The competition is much less but there's still a lot of respect. Perhaps there would also be fewer stories like this.
    This makes me laugh:nooo: :ahee:
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    Locked, as the OP's initial question has already been answered and this is veering wildly off topic. If you want to discuss the relative prestige of universities and/or the potential advantages in forcing Oxford and Cambridge to change their admission process, please take it to a separate thread.
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