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I just want a job. Is that too much to ask for??? watch

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    (Original post by Jennie1987)
    Care to elaborate?
    it's for ann summers as a party organiser. I was about to do a thread about it because my friend told me that i'll be organising parties in order to sell dildos and stuff, is this true? :confused:
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    (Original post by dumbus_blondus)
    so in the space of an hour you suddenly miraculously get a job? really? either you were exaggerating in the first place about how hard it was or TSRers have shown you how much more you've been doing and you're trying to end the thread...

    practical advice though- both in my hometown and my uni town all the shops are looking for christmas temps- Game, WHSmiths, Topshop, loads of places. And because the schools have just gone back people who have gone off to uni will have just quit their 'crappy part time job' at home to go away, leaving it open for people like you!! CV-whore yourself. Go on. Every shop, ask if they're hiring. And in bigger towns nearby if where you are is too small...
    i know it's very wierd!!! but im not surprised as I apply for jobs every single day. the woman just called me :eek: i didnt know they could call on sundays but im happy. however, i am apply for christmas jobs, I need more moneeeey :yep:

    (Original post by katyness)
    it's for ann summers as a party organiser. I was about to do a thread about it because my friend told me that i'll be organising parties in order to sell dildos and stuff, is this true? :confused:
    Ah right thats not really a job, basically anyone can just sign up for that. Its like being self-employed; you have to find people wanting you to come into their house and sell stuff that is already available online and in shops. Then you get a % of what they buy.

    my advice, if you have tried everything is just keep looking! and i found a job by asking around lots... loads of people i know do that too, they get jobs from connections. also try a job center.

    (Original post by katyness)
    it's expensive. i tried to do via St John's Ambulance but they said they'd contact me which they didn't. and when I contacted them, they told me to wait for a reply :confused:

    if it's a paid for by you course you are looking for ring the training booking line on 0844 770 4800

    if it's for volunteering

    the recruitment process for SJA should run like this

    - initial enquiry

    - invite to interview (if the initial enquiry to sufficiently detailed) - get more information then invite to interview

    - interview with an appropriate recruiter ,

    - complete CRB applications, request references

    - get CRB and references back,

    - allocate to unit and book induction and initial training

    - then the applicant can actually start training for their SJA role ...

    there are two options in managing recruitment for SJA

    - use volunteers to process the applications - which can lead to waits some think are excessive ... especially if interviewing new applicants is at the cost of not processing others applications ( pre or post interview) and this may be in addition to running a unit / team and being involved in service delivery.


    - pay someone to do the routine paperwork processing - i.e. receiving enquiries and sorting them by location, existing training / health professional (student or qualified) and sending the applicant the correct joining forms and information and allocating them to a recruiting 'manager' on the basis of those criteria ... , so volunteer managers only have to do the interviews and sign off the CRB applications ... , then the paid person can put them on a suitable induction and initial training ( which depends on your role) programme and forward their details to either a new joiners unit or the local/ specialist unit they will be joining ...
    however this ( having paid staff) leads to accusations of 'wasting the charity's money on yet more paid staff ' from some of the less aware people in the membership or the gutter press.
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