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Damaged freindship watch

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    Heres the situation, im in the second year now, and ive liked my room mate allot ever since i met her.
    She has had a boyfreind for the whole year, but during the year we bacme fairly good freinds.
    We went to ibiza before the holidays and get really close, shared lots of personal stuff etc.
    She then broke up with her bf during the holidays.
    During the holidays we used to text each other allot, have a laugh on msn ect. Then we met up in the hols, when i did resits and we shared a room.
    Ive never kissed her or anthing, but we did have a very good closeness.
    Now weve moved into my new house, my flatmates have taken the piss out of us soo much, trying to get it out of me that i fancie her etc.
    Its almost got to a point now where its akward to talk to her.
    Any ideas?

    Well since she broke with her boyfriend and probably doesn't have another, although I could be wrong, you should tell her that you like her. If you don't move now then she will look elsewhere and you'll regret not sharing your feelings with her when you had a chance.

    She obviously likes you a lot and maybe she's thinking the same thing. One of you needs to make the first move or the tension will become unbearable and you're right, you'll both find it difficult to speak to one another, which may drive you away to look for another person.

    She may be desperate for sex, since she broke up and I take it you're craving pussy right?
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    lmao... well shes kind of emplied she only wants to be friends. On msn, i was saying that the mick taking about me and you still seems to be lingering. And she said something like, 'well now were only friends' Or something along thoes lines. I was very drunk at the time so i ddont remember.
    She knows im a virgin btw, and shes far more experienced than me.
    And on one occasion my flat mate was really off with both of us when i hung around with her instead of hanging around with my flat mate one evening. He went all queit for a few days.
    I think all the fuss and everyone constantly watching us to see what weree doing is puttting her off.
    Ive always denied liking her infront of my mates. My mates would take the piss out of us right infront of both me and her!
    And i would deny liking her!
    Im pretty sure she knows i like her however, but its all the constant eyes that are making it nearly impossible.
    I dont think i would ever admit to everyone i like her, just because it would make it eveen more awkward at the moment.

    im gonna say now shes ten times better looking than me! so you can see why i dont wanna let this one go!
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