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I am currently living in Norway and here there is a huge oposition to private schools, some parties even want to prohibit them explicetly. This year it was even decided that applicants for upper secondary schooling should be evaluated not only accourding to grades, but also 50% accourding to where they live. Basicly your street adress counts just as much as your grades. The arguments are that any kind of private or alternative schooling will only benefit the rich and give rise to differences between classes. Also acceptances based on grades is argued to divide schools into good and bad ones.

Does anyone here sympathyse with these opinions? For the record I could mention that my grandfather is a holocoust survivor, he came to sweden with absolutely nothing and still he could afford to send my dad to one of the best A level schools in england (Don't remember the name, was a Jewish borading school). Now Im sitting here with a Cambridge offer and I therefore wounder if these arguments can hold even a drop of water.
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