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Shy guys ignoring you. watch

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    Guys, have you ever liked a girl and then just ignored her because of it?

    I have been friends with this guy for about half a year - we got on well because of same interests and stuff. He is very shy and hadn't ever had a relationship or anything, but always seemed to enjoy talking about the concept of "love" with me (I've had a couple of sturdy relationships).

    Well, we spent a few days together constantly in each others' company. There were moments where I felt I could take my chance (i.e. kiss him), but then I held back. And since then, I've just heard almost nothing from him. I feel so frustrated, what shall I do? Is he ignoring me because after being with me 24/7 he decided I'm highly annoying? Or because he likes me so much he doesn't know what to say?
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    You hit the nail on the head at the last sentence.
    It seams the guy is alot like my housemate. He ended up getting with a girl but was too shy to go all the way.
    At the end of the day keep talking to him, make him at ease and just try a long term relationship rather than a small term one, that is ofcourse if you are looking for such a thing.
    I bet he is scared stiff (lol gigity)
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    Too answer your first question, yes...sadly i am one of them guys. Erm so any advice i give may be ****...but i would say is take it easy..

    Less "Liked and ignored", more "Liked and not made a move". I guess from years of rejections, I just don't have the view that any girl would be 'pleased' if I tried to go any further than knowing them. This is why I hate the fact that it always falls to the guy to make the first move, never the girl; my life would be so much easier (if I were easier...see sig) if it were down to girls to make the move.

    And frankly, I'd ignore Anon#3. You're really not going to scare the guy away if you make a move. You've probably just made him think "****, I missed my chance..." or "I bet she's with someone" -- Heck, just text him (assuming you have his number??) and ask him to go out somewhere. Just casual like...

    They never ignore me, whenever I get bigger after taking a mushroom they try and attack me and kill me. Its like they hate Italian plumbers

    I've known a guy for about a year and he does the same. He started to ignore me and doesn't look at me anymore when I try to say hi. Can't really give you advice but I hope he comes around and strts talking to you.

    I have this exact same problem. He texted me straight for 4 days recently saying all sorts till 4am generally, and he even put me on the spot, saying that I couldn't even tell him that I liked him. In reply I said I did but didn't want to get hurt and he made a joke of it, so it wasn't awkward-serious between us. We carried on texting for another day or so till 4am after that as usual, with him even saying he loved me, etc... and then suddenly I hear nothing off him :/
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