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    Chop his ******** off. Less testosterone = less violent.

    Just get your mum to divorce him

    Don't kill him. That would get you into trouble.

    But one day, when your mum's out, when he's sober and in as pleasant a mood as he's ever going to be, make sure he's not standing in front of something you don't want damaged, walk into the room and up to him very briskly without saying anything, and punch him as hard as you are able on the nose. While he's trying to work out what just happened, punch him again, very hard, on the nose. It's important it's on the nose, there has to be blood everywhere without you actually running the risk of leaving him permanently injured. And it hurts like ****. (For extra shocking, non-injurious, pain, a very hard blow squarely on the ear is hard to match. At your discretion.)

    While he's on his knees (and he will be on his knees at this point) trying to stop the blood from pouring out of his face, grab him by the collar and get your own face in as close as you possibly can to his. If you shove him a bit and his head bangs some furniture, a wall etc, no problem. Grip firmly and don't let go. Speak quietly and calmly but with obvious anger. Tell him that he is never, ever to lay a finger on your mother again or you will kill him in his sleep (don't name a method). Tell him that if he doesn't stop causing arguments and blaming the rest of the world for his problems and failings, he can expect another smacking like this one. Tell him that if he continues drinking without a thought for anyone else in the household you will wait until he passes out, insert a tube and a funnel down his throat, and keep on pouring in neat vodka until it kills him. Tell him you may just randomly smack him like this again just for the pleasure it gives you to see him bleed and whimper. Tell him that if he even thinks of telling your mum how he hurt his nose, he can expect the same again tomorrow. Keeping eye contact, release his collar gently and back away. Don't look at him as you leave the room.

    Should fix it.
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