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    Hi, I was wondering;

    1, How many tests do you have per year? Are they spread throughout the year or all just at the end?

    2, How big is the workload over the whole year? Does it get unmanageable? (compared to A level)

    3, How stressful is it? (compared to A level)

    I write 'compared to A level' because I'm doing A levels and it would give a comparison, because I've been told 'lots' but that was really un-useful because lots can mean anything =/

    Thanks anyway

    1) Very variable depending on university. At Cambridge it's almost all based on end-of-year assessments, but I know other places do more mini-exams through the year.

    2)Also variable. Most people manage, but most people will think at some point that they can't. It's worst around exam time, obviously, but there are other things that pop up during the year that also stress you out.

    3)Very different for me - I was fairly miserable at school and had a particularly nasty L6th then a fairly dossy U6th (I know, it's meant to be the other way round), but was a lot happier at uni, even though the work stress was probably equivalent or a bit worse.

    Short answer, all these depend on where you go and what you're like as a learner.

    But seeing as that's not a very helpful answer I'll try and be general.

    1.) Either each semester or big ones at the end of the year. Different courses will have different types too, for example, I only have practical and multiple choice for the first two years. (That's at Manchester, where you do practical work very early)

    2.) Personally, I found it easier to cope with than A-Level, but it is a dramatic change in style more than anything. I think how you can cope with the work depends on how you cope with the change in style.

    3.) So long as you don't drive yourself crazy by thinking your a failure for not being top of everything (when all your peers are med students with straight A's, middle of the pack is an acceptable place to be, probably unlike you are at college now) people tend to cope fine.

    I'd ask people at the uni's you're specifically looking at though, they'll be much more helpful with these kind of questions.
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Updated: September 26, 2010

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