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    Anon for privacy

    I've tried searching threads for this but there isn't much..
    Can anyone tell me of their experiences with using a diaphragm? I'm taking a break from hormonal contraception and don't want to rely solely on condoms without a back-up, which is why I can only think of the diaphragm.



    Also not sure if you count this or not but the IUD is made from plastic and copper, so it isn't actually hormonal. I suppose it depends why your taking a break....


    I've got an IUD, just a copper one so no hormones. Best thing I ever did

    Having it fitted was painful, though lots of people I've talked to who have one say it didn't hurt for them, or only like a period pain. You do bleed for a few days afterwards, and it can make your periods heavier for the first three months, but that is all.

    I haven't actually found it has made my periods heavier, more I get very very light bleeding for 3 days before my period starts properly, then it is just the same as before. You can't feel the IUD, and it is SO nice not to have to take hormones.

    I've got one called the gynefix, they do a smaller one too, called the mini gynefix which apparently affects your periods even less. The gynefix lasts for 5 years though obviously you can have it taken out sooner, it is very effective, and you don't have to worry about taking anything, getting an implant or injection or getting anything in place before you have sex.

    Sorry to sound like an advert, but I'm so thrilled with it

    As for the diaphragm, well I know my friend had one for a while. She said you have to be comfortable with putting your fingers right up inside yourself, and have to be careful about getting it positioned right, plus, you really have to get used to putting one in and it can take a while to get it right at first so it can be a bit of a passion killer until you get used to it. You have to fold it, and she said she was always flicking it across the room by accident Plus, you use it with spermicide so you have to be ok with that and not allergic to it etc. You either have to plan sex in advance so you can insert it, or stop to do it, and you have to leave it in place for at least 6 hours and not more than 24 after sex. I would imagine removal might be a bit messy. If you'd be ok using a mooncup, I suspect you'd probably be ok with a diaphragm. Also, bear in mind that with typical use, the diaphragm is only 80% effective.

    Personally, I'd be too worried with a diaphragm about whether it was correctly positioned, and having to stop everything to go and insert it would be a pain. No spontaneous early morning sex... plus I couldn't accept a 20% risk of pregnancy when the coil is 98-99% effective.
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