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Is it true that British students do not like international students? watch

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    (Original post by Life_peer)
    Indeed it was Petržalka and you were looking on "paneláky" (plural form). There is even a Wikipedia article in English about them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panelák

    Maybe they are not very aesthetic, but very fast and economically effective to be built, which is exactly why Peržalka has been build – to accommodate as many people who came to work to the capital city, as possible.

    By the way, the castle costs us much to illuminate it after the previous government decided to repaint it and install a fancy lighting system, last year. Some people are not happy with it.

    I have not been to that club – I prefer quieter types of entertainment and as far as I know, it is an anti-fascistic club, which could be a dangerous place to stay (despite the fact that I am definitely not a fascist).

    I have tasted the non-alcoholic version of Zlatý Bažant.
    Yeah I done some research when I came home about he panelaks. I can understand why they were built, but my god are they ugly. I saw some in Prague before but didn't think anything of it, but Petrzalka was huge, just so many of them, and you got a great view of them where I was staying.

    Ah I see, well compliments to whoever installed it, may have been costly but it looks amazing at night. So gothic looking.

    I never knew any back story of the club, I hardly remember being there, but some local girls took us there. There were some shady characters there if I recall correctly who did not like a group of english lads there.

    May you have a great time on your trip to Latvia!

    I like some, I don't like others. My best friend at uni is an American, although she's studying as a domestic student because she's lived here for a fair while, so I'd be a hypocrite if I said that I hated international students.

    I unconditionally don't like those that refuse to engage at all in British society, however. You know the ones - the ultra-bookish Chinese or Indian internationals who don't do anything other than study. Some of them do make an effort, which is nice, but many just form their own completely segregated cliques that don't contribute to the life surrounding the university, which is magnified all the more in a really small uni like Leicester.

    (Original post by LampetarianLost)
    Aren't we all at university to work, you know, to get a good degree?

    If you're studying in a language that is not your own, and you're paying a considerable amount more for the pleasure, aren't you going to want to get the best degree you can? Not everyone is an 18 year old British kid just wanting to party on state cash.

    Seriously though, I'm a 24 year old mature student, living with about 4 international students and yes when compared to the other buildings around here it's very quiet living where I do, however I can only see that as a positive thing. I've had chats with the people I live with who are somewhat shocked by our culture of drinking and partying at university.
    You don't need to sit in your room, work all day and never socialise/play sport to get a decent degree. I know people who have got firsts in their final year while still going out a few times a week and playing university level sport.

    (Original post by illusionz)
    You don't need to sit in your room, work all day and never socialise/play sport to get a decent degree. I know people who have got firsts in their final year while still going out a few times a week and playing university level sport.
    No, it can be done that way you're right, we're not given enough work to really justify 7 full days of work. However for the majority of students, I'd say if they really want that first, they need to work a lot more than they currently seem to. Of course most students I know couldn't care less about their final grade. I'm lucky enough to be passionate about my subject, so I'm sure I could fit in a bit more social time... However the real issue for me is I just don't get on with the majority of my peers so I'm not going to waste my time (or theirs) pretending it'd be great fun going out doing what they do. Oh well, personal decisions and all that.

    (Original post by Stella476)
    Okay, that does make sense. I guess the US has enough higher education opportunities that it is simply a luxury to go abroad but with other countries they go to the UK primarily to study? I don't know, just a thought.
    Yeah, I think most US students would only go to study abroad because they want to experience life in a different country, rather than because the universities are better or have more opportunities.
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