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Bieber: "I feel like the Kurt Cobain of my generation" watch


    (Original post by MrCharmed)
    Fair enoguh, sorry for jumping down your throat. But it so freakink annoying.
    I know, that was the point.

    (Original post by ياسمين)
    LOL weird. However, I don't agree with everyone in this thread. Nirvana was very popular. Bieber is very popular, with different groups. What made Nirvana such a legend? Because Cobain's death was glorified by the media? Because that event made it a legacy? Because it's 'cool' and alternative to be a suicide committing junkie? (Not that alternative since everyone is following like sheep saying Cobain was the 'best musician' of the last 2 decades. Ever noticed everyone they say that about is dead? Hendrix, lol even Selena).

    Yes, their music was very popular at the time. They're 'legendary' because they are in the past. Trust me all the popular singers of our times are going to be considered legendary in 20 years.


    no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

    Nirvana weren't just good performers like Beiber is (I'll admit that much), they were legendary musicians. Nevermind changed music itself, bringing a lot of alternative rock mainstream with a unique sound and power. There is far more to Nirvana's legendary status than the suicide of Kurt Cobain. Bieber just produces manufactured, forgettable drivel. He probably will be remembered in 20 years time as a legend, but only by 33 year old women - to the rest of us he has no appeal and never will. Is Paula Abdul legendary? Milli Vanilli? The Bangles? Ever heard of any of them or had to look them up? They were all hugely popular 20 odd years ago, none of them are considered legendary. That's because they were all ****.

    (Original post by Rhiani-ani-on)
    Don't we live in a loverly world, were idiots on an internet forum sit and complain about people and talk about how they should kill themselves/how they would like to kill them.

    Hey you, your a bit annoying, fancy jumping off a bridge? I'll give you a little helping push if you like....

    You don't like him coz he is a bit annoying, get over it.

    He is insufferable to watch though. BABY BABY BABY OHHHHHHHH


    Lol this is pretty funny:

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