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    Hi Guys,

    I have a question re: A-Levels that I haven't been able to find online, so am asking for any advice/help here with my predicament:

    For various reasons (I do not want to make excuses), I got ABCad for my first batch of A/AS-Levels. I didn't get into my medicine course that offered me a place so I took a year off to figure out what I wanted to do with my life; I took a full A-level in business studies over the course of the year while working to save money and got a B. So, technically, my top three grades would be ABB, which is what a lot of firms have been asking for for TCs. But when they say this, do they assume that these grades will be achieved in the same year? I have noticed the application forms will request you specify the date the grade was achieved, so will I be auto-filtered at ABC (the grades I got in 2006) or ABB (2/3 2006, 1/3 2007) ?

    Hope that makes sense!

    Also I am hovering around a First going into my final year at Uni at Cass Business School and have an academic scholarship for first year grades.

    P.S. do I mention my AS grade "D" in Critical Thinking my college made everyone take with 30 minutes tuition per week? Or does having a D just look bad?

    So, technically, my top three grades would be ABB, which is what a lot of firms have been asking for for TCs.
    I think that's the bare minimum for many firms in the City.

    do I mention my AS grade "D" in Critical Thinking
    If it appears on a separate certificate to your other A levels, you could perhaps omit it, as no one takes it too seriously. If it is on a shared certificate this could be dangerous, as firms often ask to see your certificates at interview/after offer.

    Sorry can't answer your question on first/second sitting. Probably would need a firm insider to do so and the answer probably varies from firm to firm.

    The borderline first sounds much more encouraging though.

    good luck

    I was/is in a similar boat.

    For whatever reason (none of them extenuating!) I also got ABB at A-Level (predicted 3A's, strong academics otherwise).

    Thankfully my first choice Uni still allowed me in (didn't even have to ring them!) and now I have a VS with a magic circle firm on the back of decent Uni grades.

    So I'd say go for it, but be warned you have a somewhat extra burden compared to other candidates. If you think you can overcome that through strong uni grades (which you have) and good interviews, then good luck to you.

    I must admit I still hate 17/18 year old me for not making sure of my A-Level grades, and making life a bit easier for me now. Nothing more frustrating than arguably less 'bright' candidates stroll ahead of you thanks to A-Levels.
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