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    i'm looking to apply to do history at university, but my AS grades were slightly lower then expected and i'm having to rethink my choices. My AS grades were:

    Classics: B (two marks off an A!)
    Eng Lit: D (being questioned due to AQA stuff up)
    General Studies: D

    I'm being predicted ABB, and resitting History and Lit to try and move the Lit up to a B and get a stronger B in History or maybe an A. I've looked at six unis so far, got one more open day to go to, but I feel a few are out of my reach now

    Uni and entry requirements:
    Birmingham: AAB
    Royal Holloway: AAB (would consider lowering for right applicant)
    UEA: AAB-ABB (again would consider lowering)
    Leeds: AAA
    Leicester: AAB
    Hull: ABB (320 points)
    Winchester: BBB
    Roehampton: 240-320 points

    Is it even worth applying to unis that want AAB? I want to apply to Hull, Birmingham, UEA, RH and probs Winchester. However, seeing as RH and Birmingham want AAB, should I replace one of them with Roehampton, even though I will have no chance of seeing the uni before applying?

    Unfortunately, the Careers dept and my tutors aren't being very helpful with any of this, so any advice would be appreciated! And I am working really hard to try and get my grades up

    With hard work, it's possible to get your grades up but it's not as easy as people here often make out. From BBD to ABB is a jump which is achievable, but if I were you I certainly wouldn't apply to Leeds or so many AAB universities. You're probably best applying to something like 1 AAB, 2 ABB and 2 BBB (or 300 points) universities or 2 AAB, 2 ABB and 1 BBB, although that is more risky as it leaves you with only 1 real insurance.
    5 of your current choices are above your predicted grades and you've already got quite high predictions compared with your AS levels. It's much better to choose where you want to go, sort out halls etc and actually get there because your results are good, rather than have to go through clearing at the last minute.
    Don't know anything about Winchester and Roehampton, but having visited friends I can happily say that Birmingham and UEA are fantastic and the history department at Hull is very good!
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    that's really helpful, and has cleared things up a bit. i guess i don't have to apply to 5 unis, but i want to try and aim for the max so hopefully i get two offers at least. personal statement's going pretty good though, so hoping it will convince a few :cool:

    Winchester is lovely, the city and the campus - and I'm applying for History, I went to visit it on the open day and it seems like a pretty good department.
    I'd definitely put it as a back up incase you don't get the best grades as I'm doing.
    Also, I've been to see Hull a million times (as seen as I'm in a close proximity to it) I'd recommend the University to many people, it's very nice grounds indeed. I'm not applying because I want a change of atmosphere.

    I got BCCC at AS, I'm going for two ABB Uni's - If I were you (as seen as you got two B's, unlike me) I'd go for one AAB, one ABB, two BBB and one BBC.
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    thanks! i know winchester pretty well as i live nearby, no idea about the uni really though, but going to an open day in a few weeks. I was only looking at Winchester as a back-up and because it's local, but I think it's likely to be my insurance no matter what providing I get an offer. My favourite is UEA, so hoping that they make me an offer and so does Winchester Thanks for the advice!

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