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    That's pretty good going from May, I really like your style of playing.

    I see you're into The Smiths, have you tried learning any of their songs? Most of them would sound better on an electric ofc, but songs like There is a Light... and Please, please, please let me get what I want are fun, simple songs that would sound great on an acoustic.

    My personal favs to play of the Smiths are "Heaven Knows i'm Miserable Now" and "Still Ill", if you wanted to try them also.

    Yeah I put a video on youtube too:


    Jokes. You sound good to me

    A good, simple video. You can play in time. You can play in tune. So I'd say you have a good foundation so far. There's nothing you have to learn per se, depend on how seriously you want to take playing.

    Do you want to play at a professional level (i.e Rodrigo and Gabriela) or just good enough so you can play in front of your mates? If the latter, then just play songs you like and head over to www.ultimate-guitar.com

    Awesome website that will give you good tips on your playsin and tabs, which will help you pick up new songs and confidence

    (Original post by Dan1992)
    hey, i learnt to play there is a light that never goes out more or less, it's quite an easy one to play thanks for recommending it.

    anyways i was looking up random things and i came across pentatonic scales, is it worth learning these? i started messing arounf with the Am one and it sounds quite dull just playing it simply like me but i imagine with practice it'd be cool to be able to improvise around it. did you learn these? are they of much use?
    I didn't learn the scales myself. But that's simply because I just play for myself for fun, and using tabs is more than I need.

    If you want to play more improv stuff or write you're own music then learning the scales is a very good tool.

    That said, there's no harm in learning them, only benefits.

    Just keep practicing your fretting. It's ******* boring, believe me I used to spend around 1-3 hours just doing scales over & over on piano. Guitar, you keep going until your fingers are bleeding, then go some more.
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