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Having trouble making friends watch

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    Sorry for out pour of emotion here - Its really getting me down!

    I'm in the second year of college now. I've always had a small group of friends who I really don't like. The people I consider myself to be friends with sort of latch on to me... Its like I don't get a decision whether i'm friends or not with them.

    The people I talk to and make acquaintance with are more my kind of people, but I can't force myself to be friends with them, its like they're already in friendship groups that I can't just go in to and invite myself out to.

    I'm really quiet and I struggle to talk to people. I also have a small speech problem which means I stammer and stutter a bit, so its hard to hold a conversation with somebody I don't know without sounding a complete tit. Its only a very minor issue.

    I don't know what to say to people, and when I do I end up panicking and saying something completely stupid or weird then just getting a blank stare or a hesitant laugh.

    I end up spending most breaks and lunches on my own, either shopping or sitting at a computer in the library and watching time skip by until my next lesson.

    This depresses me because all I see is people I know going out, going on holidays and gigs and stuff together, generally just having fun! I want to be able to do that! My existing 'friends' are the quiet types and don't the whole clubbing thing. At a push I can go around and get drunk... but it just lacks in friendliness.

    How can I make some normal friends who'll actually want to be young, and have fun? Rather than sit in every Saturday night with the X Factor?

    Oh and to add insult to injury, everybody in college is younger than me. I'm nearly 19, most people I know aren't.
    Its really concerning for when I go to uni. Oh and the people at work are really nice - But I'm not nearly as close as some of them. I want to be involved, but I don't want to sound desperate?

    My boyfriend won't let me go out with him and likes to keep me, and his friendships separate. That makes him sound awful... But the only times i've ever gone out with him in the past i've got a little too drunk and been embarrassing.

    Any friendly talkative people have any advice?
    How to talk to people?
    How to relax?

    Are there any clubs you could get involved in at your college? Maybe ask your boyfriend if any of his friends have girlfriends you could meet up with?
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