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    Well im in year 13, we've started all the UCAS applications at school, but im doubting on going.
    It all started since i got a part time job in the summer. Basically realised that it aint the end of the world if i dont go university because i can still get a job. Throughout my AS levels (second exams in june) i really wasn't motivated to study and im still not and im in my 2nd year now! If i was to go id study biomedical science/medical science cos thats what i like. BUT..i just doubt going because the hugggeee amount of debt im getting myself into, my parents have no money to give me and i know that i can get money help but i know theres gonna be a huge amount to pay back. i also dont know if ill cope with the subject, revision and because im doubting my ability in my subjects (e.g. if i dont understand something now how will i in uni). I dont know if i like a subject enough to go uni. And im unsure whether i want another 3 years of exams on me.

    I know i sound really negative but then i think of the opportunities ill have and the chance to better myself. But at the same time i dont know if im ready?. Im thinking of having a gap year to save up money, but im not sure. I dont know if id rather just get a job in a shop

    but will people look down at me for rejecting a chance to go uni??

    erghh need adivce pleaseee:eek3:

    Speak to as many people as possible, not just careers advisors but try and contact people who didn't and did go to university, if you can then speak to someone at your top university about your doubts. I think you also need to think about what the main issue you have with going to uni is and if there are any ways around it that you'd be happy with.

    Make sure that you're really happy with what you choose in the end, but remember if you do end up going/not going to university it's not the end of the world and you can always drop out/apply to uni later. I think the best thing for you now would be to take a gap year and experience working life, then you can decide if you like the idea of going into employment now or want to get a degree first, you could always use the money you earned during this time to help fund your studies, as for how people will look at you, who cares? As long as you have a realistic plan about what you are going to do in the future no-one should bat an eyelid. Good luck!
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