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    I started my As year, last year doing Chemistry, Maths, Biology and Psychology. I didn't fail them but I came out with C's and D's in Chem, Maths and Bio and came out with an A in psychology. I decided I really wasn't getting on with the courses and couldn't bear the thought of doing them for another year so took a new path and took new subjects. So this year I am doing Philosophy AS, Sociology AS, English Language AS and Psychology A2 level. I really want to apply to Oxford to do Psychology and as I am predicted an A* in Psychology and hope to get similar predictions for my other subjects as I have improved sooo much already this year. But do I even have a chance due to the fact that I retook a year? Or should I just forget about Oxford? I need some advice

    I'd forget about it, for now anyway. See what results you get this year and then make a choice.
    Try to get loads of experience and extra curricular stuff too!

    Hi there I'm not sure if anyone on here will have been in this situation. I think that the best thing would be for you to contact Oxford admissions about it direct, as they will be able to advise you.

    i'm going to be honest with you...you wont get into oxbridge with those grades. Generally, they want 3 or 4 A's at AS and A2. Unless you were predicted those grades and didnt get them due to some severe personal extenuating circumstance then your chances are small. I studied psychology at oxford myself(im now a postgrad) and a degree in psychology is NOTHING like the 'A' level...it is very maths and biology based, with lots of neuroscience thrown in. If you aren't strong in subjects like this, you will struggle...best advice - keep working hard and striving for the best. But also assess where your talents lie and make the most of them. If you arent a scientific person (A level psychology aside) then I dont think psychology is the right course to take at oxbridge. good luck! x x x p.s. its not too great here anyway, everyone works too hard and there's no time for fun.

    they don't like Cs & Ds; they don't like english language, sociology, or resits at the best of times.
    ... it's not looking great tbh, considering that they have many applicants for each place with AAA... in strong subjects... first time.

    I'll second what annabelle rose said. Psychology at Oxford is a science course. The tutors don't regard psychology A-level especially highly: it would at best just have to be one of a portfolio of A-levels, preferably including sciences, you are studying. Having done badly in maths and chemistry and then changed to "softer" A-levels will, I'm afraid, put your chances of an offer as pretty close to zero.

    See here (http://www.psy.ox.ac.uk/undergrad/ugentryrequirments )for entrance requirements:
    "Ideal Subjects: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Languages, Religious Studies, Psychology, Geography and History." and "we strongly recommend that you take at least one or more of the science subjects (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology) and/or Mathematics to full A level."

    Your one (very faint) hope would be to do exceptionally well in the TSA. http://www.psy.ox.ac.uk/undergrad/epadmissionstest

    Have a close look at that. If you think you can score very highly, then you might give it a shot. But I wouldn't be very optimistic.

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