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I think university is making me into a sorry, bitter individual. watch


    (Original post by Guy Secretan)
    Don't hang around with Chinese people too much or you'll end up with slitty eyes.
    say that to my face ******
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    I have dealt with people like this.

    Just ignore them....and trust me there will be a time when they need your help and advice and when they come to you, you should blank them! lool

    Keep your head up and hope things get better!

    Has everyone had bad experiences with the Chinese at Uni? I'm just wondering because the girls from China that I've spoken to have been lovely, even when they're with their fellow Chinese. Maybe I've just gotten lucky and found the ones who would like to make some British friends.
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    Hey, I can imagine this is very frustrating but try to remember that you cannot judge an entire race on just a few people. There are rude idiots within every group of people, you've just been unlucky. Keep your head up high and keep trying. You'll be surprised x
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    I appreciate some, but not a lot it has to be said, of the advice on this thread so far.

    To be honest, I know I'm doing everything I can to enjoy university and it's still so bloody difficult. I think I'll end up attaching myself to a small group of people and end up just continuing the way I have been, occasionally being rudel blown off. Who's to say whether I'll eventurally get sick of it and react badly, or change the way I evaluate people at first glance.

    friday night now and look where I am. Nothing to do with what I've talked about on this thread though. Sigh.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I know this might be somewhat of a long read, but please do read it if you think you can help me. I would so very much appreciate it. I so badly need somebody’s help. I don’t want to be malicious as well as miserable for the so-called best years of my life.

    I’ve been here just under a week now and I already see it happening. I’m motivated enough to get through my degree no matter how **** my social life is but I don’t think I’ll like who I am at the end of my three years here.

    I don’t want to sounds too big headed but I think I’m a nice guy. I volunteer, I give to charity, and I’ll talk to anybody without prejudging them. It’s just, after a few experiences I’ve already had at university so far, I keep thinking acrimonious and somewhat racist things in my head.

    Let me tell you about my experiences so far. I am doing everything to enjoy university. From saying hello to complete randomers (even though I’m actually pretty shy), to leaving my door open, to texting new friends asking what they’re doing tonight, I’ve joined so societies that I’m genuinely intrigued about and I intend to enjoy them, I might help out with the halls of residence committee, etc, etc. I’ve done all of that. I still don’t know how to fix my problem here.

    The experiences that have made me very bitter so far are these:
    I’ve already heard from current and previous students to my uni how segregated and “cliquey” the university can be. I thought it couldn’t be that bad.
    My first day, I’m talking to a certain Chinese gentleman, saying hello, just being friendly down by the bar where everybody is getting to know each other. I’m asking where he’s been, what he’s doing, etc. Just being nice. He answers me questions and halfway through our chat looks away and says, “I need to find some Asians to talk to”. What? Okay. Bit rude.
    The next day, people are down by the common room area again and I see two different Chinese guys playing some video game. I have no interest in it really, but I just want to be friendly so I say “oh, is that pro evo?” and they both turn to look at me, then turn back and talk in Chinese to each other. I just walk away.
    And then, what really, really, annoyed me was last night. I’m playing pool with some guy and I hear another completely different Asian person talking to my pool friend, and he literally said, and I quote word for word “Yeah, I don’t tend to like English people very much” and he actually pointed to me subtly as he said that. I kid you not. I actually found that very rude, but in a desperate attempt at brushing off what could be a bad joke, I say “oh, I’m sorry, bless, want a hug?” in a joking manner and he just starts saying how that’s weird, and no he doesn’t like contact with people he doesn’t know. Irony lost obviously.
    And today, my next door neighbour, who always has friends round and who only actually talks English if I talk to her, was talking to some guy on the stairs as I was walking past. I stop to say hello, waiting for them to finish their conversation. As they finish their conversation they both walk separate ways without saying anything to me. I was standing there for like two minutes. I was obviously waiting to talk to them. And they were talking about the local club they and everybody in my halls is going to later. AND I’m pretty sure my neighbour steals my food that I leave in the kitchen because only we are in the flat and it’s gone missing.

    I hate racism. I hate it. I’m not kind of person to tell or laugh at racist jokes. I’ll be nice to anybody. Is it racist of me to say “oh no, it’s not me. Everybody else is racist to me, the English white guy”?

    I don’t know what to do. I’d hate to turn into a horrible, unlovable, bitter person.
    lol, either this is that S=SH|T HOLE birmingham or the other cesspool i call London.

    transfer out, trust me, you dont wanna stay there.

    Maybe they're not confident with their English. The Chinese person I spoke to at uni was the nicese person I've met so far. We spent 2.5 hours just talking about everything. I had to rush off in the end, and I really regret not getting his email address at least. Point is, they're not all the same.
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