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    Hi everyone,

    I really really need an advice, im stuck in a problem and i cant really decide what to do.

    I am now at university and doing a degree in law, however, i seem not to like it at all... there are many reasons for this, firstly, i imagined law as follows - there are laws that i need to know, and also i need to be able to apply these laws to specific cases to solve problems. what im currently being taught is some history, some funny laws that have been used in history etc. Not only this, but also we are being taught all these in a very non-practical way. some lectures take one hour but what we learn in one hour even at A level we could learn using one simple power-point. some of the lectures dont even make sense and i try as hard as i can to follow it, but they still dont make sense - sentences on their own make sense but there simply is not a continuity in them, i mean when they speak, u just cant figure out what point they are trying to make.

    also, we dont get a kind of specification or something that outlines the course details - we just go in to the lectures randomly, as timetabled, and dont even know which exam we are going to these lectures for. someone has actually told the students they intentionally make it not straight-forward. but whats the point of making the lectures so messy?

    what i would imagine at uni is this: we all are learning to get a knowledge about the subject we study and also to get a degree of course. to get the degree we need to have the knowledge, and to get a degree we need for example an X number of exams. For each specific exam these are the topics that are needed. -> so kind of more logical way of organising the studies in university. instead, we simply go to the lectures we are timetabled and thats it, get some random brainstorming ideas in our heads that dont even make sense when put one after another, and all this not even knowing what these ideas are for.

    I am not really trying to complain about the university or the lecturers, as the uni i am in is considered one of the best in the world, especially in law, so obviously these people have to know more about law than i do, but can i ask if this is the case for everyone? do other law students feel like this as well? and is this how it is going to be for three years?

    I always wanted to be a barrister, more than any other job, but if for this i need at least three years of what i described above, then i have to say at this point i dont want to become a barrister anymore at all...

    alternatively, i am thinking about changing my degree to mathematics, ive got good grades at mathematics, f. mathematics and i think they'll take me, so considering all of the above,, do you think its worth changing the degree?

    im really really confused and stressed and need an advice,, could someone please give me one?

    any help is much appreciated!
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