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    (Original post by CherryCherryBoomBoom)
    Yep, true :yep:

    Your icon reminds me of Ray William Johnson's show, and your title reminds me of La Roux :awesome:
    Yours reminds me of Lady Gaga.
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    Hey, I was in a similar situation a year ago when I was your age...I'd failed 2 driving tests (have since passed, on my 5th attempt) which made me feel rubbish, had never been kissed or had a boyfriend (the latter's still true, but I've since had my first 'kiss'-which was rubbish-and first real kiss-which was only about a week ago, with 2 different guys...unfortunately I was never interested in the first guy and the 2nd is like my best friend and just wants fun, but hey, that's another story). In short, one day it WILL happen, if you're that bothered about being single get to know some more guys on your course or something, become friends and see how things progress from there? Easier said than done, I know, but...yeah.

    I'd done well in my A-Levels and am now at a great uni, though I've struggled a bit socially and 1st year exams etc didn't go too well so I'm slightly worried about my uni life even though generally it's great . I have no idea where my life is heading which really worries me, everything's so uncertain. But when I think about it, I've progressed quite a lot in the last year or so...I've become more self-confident, more independant, made lots of new friends, and the stuff I've already mentioned. A lot of it has been down to being at uni admittedly, but yeah.

    I think the 90-day-targets is a good idea. As venal said, your problem does seem motivational, and a matter of confidence perhaps. You need to think more positively, think of the good things in life and think of what you want to achieve and work towards those goals. Don't put too much pressure on yourself though, but if you put your mind towards certain goals, with enough determination and motivation you can achieve them. :hugs: don't worry about it, you WILL achieve some goals, it's just a case of time. You're still young, and have a lot of time

    um, dont turn 19?

    (Original post by CherryCherryBoomBoom)
    Erm, that wasn't me, I never even applied to uni. I was going to this year, but I think I'm leaving it for now.
    ohh okay sorry i've got you mixed up with someone
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