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Hiya I want to know if there is any good websites for doing child development revision??? Also does anyone know of any child development revision books that you can buy??? Please reply soon someone! Thankyou! from Jodie
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I have a book on Maternal Deprivation. Its by Micheal Rutter who criticised many of Bowlby's ideas of maternal deprivation. Its called "Maternal Deprivation Reassessed". Its quite an old book mind you and it depends on what aspect of child develop you are interested in. Have you tried doing a search on Amazon and seeing what it throws up. If there are reviews of the books, they maybe helpful to you. Also, if you need revision books, it depends on what level you are at, to what type of books to look at. If you are at GCSE/ a-level, focus on general books but uni level, look at books related to more specific areas.
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