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Is he telling me the truth or is he lieing? watch

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    Boyfriend is away down south visiting other half of his family (been quite alot recently and is definitely bored down there and seeing a couple of friends too, so definitely has spare time)

    Before he went we were on msn and had a really good chat and was talking, and it was really fun and nice. He said he would drop me and email before he went friday, and he didnt. Hes also been online to access his emails about ebay on monday (apparently its really hard to access internet down there, and hasnt got it in his house) - His mum told me about his emails. We hadn't text since friday, except 4 days ago i rang him, he answered my call (His phone speaker has broke, so he cant talk into it, he can only hear) I said i was gonna ring his other phone and cut it off, I tried to ring his other phone but it said cant connect. I tried to ring him back and his phone was off.

    3 Days ago (the day after) i tried to ring him again, his phone turned off after. 5 Minutes later, it was back on... I rang him and he didnt answer any of my calls, and then eventually i sent him a text saying if somethings wrong i need you to tell me, and we had a good time thursday talking so just answer please. And he answered we were on the phone for 10 minutes, I was asking if somethings wrong press 1 beep for yes, and if nothings wrong press 2 beeps for no.. He pressed two beeps, and I also said can you get the other phone working? And he pressed two beeps for no. I said can you get credit, hopefully today and he pressed 1 beep for yes (also i said so you can text me a number so we can actually talk). At the end he was pressing tons of beeps for kisses so he semt okay to the extent.

    I havent text him since, and he hasnt text or contact me since. Hes been in contact with his mum yesterday.

    Im just really confused, it all adds up, that something is wrong and he isnt talking to me, What do you guys think?

    No offensive comments please.

    or maybe he just has bad signal?
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