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    Hey guys ; ) I'm having some problems with wrtiting the report for the DME in Modern. Our teacher gave us the 2007 paper 2 to do at home, but to be honest, I've never written a report and I have no idea how to do it.

    Could you please give me some advice about how to tackle the DME?

    thanks anyway ; )
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    I'll try my best and if i was at home I'd get the paper out/my answer/my teachers comments etcetc but can't do that.

    Basically, read the question, and get it into your head what you've to argue. Go through and read and look at all the statistical sources and maybe highlight some things that relate to the question.
    Then read both source A and source B, underlining things which relate to the sources/question. After this you should have an idea if you're for or against the proposal. Briefly write down 3 (depends what you've been taught really?) arguments for and against the proposal and make quick notes on what other statistical sources they relate to, etc.

    I don't know how you've been taught to structure the report but i'll show you mine (and it works as I got 17/20 for the DME in the exam)

    To: (eg. Name, The Health Minister, etcetc)
    From: (eg. Your name, Social policy researcher)
    Date: today's date
    Subject: the proposal title

    Introduction - brief overview of what the proposal is and quick mention of some of your arguments for and against

    Recommendation - say whether you are rejecting or recommending the proposal

    Arguments for my recommendation - bullet points stating your reasons for recommending

    Reason 1 - say the reason, develop it, back it up with sources and background knowledge and repeat for any other resasons

    Reasons for rejecting and rebuttal - bullet points stating reasons why people may reject it

    Reason 1 - briefly say why people may reject it (possibley back it up if you can't use a source anywhere else) then basically use your sources and background to say how this is not a valid reason for rejecting the proposal and how the source may be exagerated etcetc.

    Conclusion - sum it all up, stating your recommendation again, maybe summarise your main reasons.

    1. annotate the margin whenever you use a source or background knowledge (eg. A, B, C1, C2, BK, etc)
    2. mix up all your sources in each reason, like don't have source A, A, C1, C1, C2, C3, C3, BK, BK, BK. Instead, have something like A, BK, C3, A, BK, C1, C2, BK, C1, etc.
    3. make sure you use ALL the sources AT LEAST once and loads of BK.

    Think that's me done. Hope this helps.
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