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    I have just graduated, so I can help.
    University maths is quite distinctly split into two subdisciplines: pure and applied. It sounds like you would probably enjoy the applied, but not the pure. Pure maths revolves almost entirely around rigorous consideration of abstract concepts, and this usually presents itself in the form of a proof. It is a wonderful subject but nothing like anything you have studied before, however there is a lot of variety in both camps. Some like it, other don't. Either way, you should have a lot of control over what kind of maths you study once your first year is out of the way.

    Personally, I expect you have not had enough experience with proof to know if you would enjoy it or not. I recommend you check out the notes that will appear at this link within a few weeks (since the lecturer will upload them as he completes the lectures, which is over the next few weeks):
    That course basically explains some concepts about sets and functions that are fundamental to most subjects in pure maths, and they'll give you a good taste of what to expect.

    I think, if you enjoy maths and further maths, then that's a good reason to apply to maths at University. There's so much variety you're bound to find topics you're good at and enjoy.

    Don't be put off just because it all sounds daunting. Things like complex analysis, fluid dynamics, Galois Theory... it sounds scary, and some stuff is tough, but your course will take you from the absolute basics, step by step, until you can dominate that stuff. You'll be amazed at the concepts you'll be able to wield after a year or two. Of all Uni courses, maths is seen by other as being very dry, but is probably one of the most liberating subjects to embark upon. Last year I learned exactly how to show that there exist statements in arithmetic that are true yet are impossible to prove. It's as cool as it sounds, in my opinion anyway

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    Please can we get someone in this thread that is actually at uni besides me.
    Speaking as a graduate, Farhan is making a darn sight more sense than you, so I suggest you tone down the attitude.
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