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    To TSR community,
    I'm a fairly new member here and there seem to be a lot of threads by people who are quite saddened by the fact that they have developed no social life at Uni.
    I am in much the same position. I'm a third year and have just spent the last two years studying relentlessly. I have done enough "stuff" whilst at Uni to be able to create the impression to any employer that I have fully integrated into Uni life (a bit of sports, got elected to a committee, helped in access schemes... - the usual). But the truth is this is mostly just just papering over the reality that I have made no friends at Uni, and to be honest this no longer bothers me. I have loads of friends at home, I make the effort once a term to get home and see them and have a good time, and we laugh about all the snobs I meet up in Uni. I now take the approach that I'm really glad I havn't changed and whenever i overhear the hooray Henrys guffawing senselessly amongst themselves, I just remember what they say (usually they have little concept of the idea of irony) and report back to my friends - who are in local so called "lesser" Universities.
    My advice to anyone feeling a bit down on this would be to remind them that sometimes your isolation can be "splendid". At top universities in particular, lots of people actually do know each other prior to starting (i.e. where I am most students are privately educated and a lot come from the same schools) so you're can often be at a disadvantage before you start. The fact is the smiling faces of university prospectuses belie the extent to which teenagers in Unis are just the same as teenagers anywhere. The tendency to form cliques is actually magnified by the fact that you have a very short time span (Freshers and a bit of 1st year) to develop your social circle - and people cling to each other like limpets to a rock.
    If you're in this situation, don't worry. 3 years will fly, and as you're spending enough to be there, you may as well just concentrate on getting a good degree, and get out of there with a CV that reads well to an employer - even if it doesn't necessarily reflect your experiences.
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