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    Hello there, about 8 weeks ago I bough an S reg Focus 1.6 Ghia with 62k on the clock. It came with three months warranty. Should I get car looked over before the warranty expires? The car drives fine I think (inexperienced driver who doesn't know a lot about cars). Also, when I put the car in fifth and push the gear stock forward (but as you place it in in reality) you can hear a sort of high pitch grinding noise. Last time I went to the place I bought the car they said that they may have had a similar problem on a fiesta and its not worth the hassle. Any ideas? He was going to ask the mechanic about it when I go in to have an electrical fault fixed (reverse light doesn't work). Also, if I turn the steering wheel while stationary the car seems to groan a little bit. Someone mentioned my powersteering may not be working properly?

    Any advice appreciated!

    The fifth gear thing may well need looking at as while it doesn't sound too bad at the moment it could quite easily manifest itself into something very expensive just as your warranty's out. I would say it was a worn synchromesh, but it's very low mileage and an odd gear to get worn synchromesh in so get it checked out for a better diagnosis.

    The power steering thing is totally normal. I guess with that car it'll be the normal style hydraulic PAS rather than this silly electric stuff we have nowadays? That being the case the 'groaning' is just the pump and the actuators assisting the steering. It goes away when you're moving because obviously a lot less effort is needed to turn the wheel.

    Cars can be clocked easily, don't buy a car on mileage, rather it's actual condition and service history.

    Syncro's tend to break lower down but thats not to say it could have gone on 5th. Is it hard to engage or just whiney in a higher gear? Probably worth getting it looked over, it's hard to diagnose on a car i cant see or drive:p:

    Edit: also fords are famous for the whine the power steering pumps give off when worn. To check it try moving the drive wheel on the pump up, down, left and right, it should have no play other than a smooth circular motion.

    A whining noise while driving in 5th could be a symptom of a worn pinion bearing. If it is 'pinion whine' the sound would stop as soon as you took your foot off the gas, and resume as soon as you re-engaged the drive.

    We used to see it on old Saabs a lot. Some went on like that for years, but in the worst case scenario, the pinion bearing could fail and drop a bunch of cogs into the gearbox as you are driving along.

    Rebuilt pinion was the only solution, which necessitates removing the whole gearbox, so not usually economical to repair on an old car.
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