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    I'm wondering if I have anorexia, yes, I know online isn't the place to ask (and a GP is place Im going), but I just need to answer my own question of "why should I go to the doctor?"
    I'm 5'5" nearing 5"6 and weigh anywhere from 100-105 lbs. Usually the scales say I'm 103. I'm constantly thinking about how I need to be skinny, and all them thoughts to the point it makes me feel bad, and disrupts my life. and people say I look 80 some pounds, but all I see is enormous thighs.
    I don't want to go to the doctor saying hey Im developing anorexia, because that makes me feel as if I want to be that way or something, and I don't want to go diagnosing myself.. and the way that I am, I don't wanna change cuz it just feels right (I know..tsk)
    would going to the doctor and suggesting I may have anorexia look stupid and immature? cause after over a year of thinking I have this I only get more sure about it each day.
    I push myself (physically), and eat little, I don't stop menstrating however (yet it seems to get messed up); I don't do this for attention- I feel its cause Im not happy with my life and I seem to be missing something, it gives me control.

    go GP, they are used to such

    if you aren't willing to, why aren't you happy with life?

    I don't know if you're anorexic, the people whom I have known who have anorexia haven't been in the frame of mind to seek help. I think you should definitely see your doctor though as even if you aren't anorexic you clearly have issues that need addressing. I highly doubt they'd think you immature or stupid, but if you're worried there's no need to say you think you're anorexic. Instead, explain the issues you have with your weight and the way you see yourself, explain that you feel unhappy. It's possible you could be depressed. Good Luck and hope you're feeling happier soon
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