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My ex gf is an idiot watch


    (Original post by RollerBall)
    Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

    Untill the OP gets punched in the face.
    You may think so, but if you reason with them first saying look i dont want her doing this to you too! if you get punched in the face, the boyfriend is a fool
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Me and my long term ex f broke up about 6 weeks ago, she now has a new bf and im currently single and just seeing someone, but nothing serious.
    We still text eachother. But the stupid thing is, she will tell me she still loves me and stuff. And she would make hints that she wants to see me. I know she never would actually meet up with me, so i just ignore it or make out that im not interested.
    She says she thinks about me all the time, and our convos would often change into our sex life and how good it used to be. She keeps saying she loved our sex life and misses it, it can get more intimate but thats not really for this forum.
    I just dont get what shes doing. I do still have feelings for her but im combating them by just changing the subject and stuff. She once said something like, 'right sorry, we didnt work out and we wont get back together then whatever'.
    My reply to that was just something like 'well yea, you left me and are with someone else now, im moving on'.

    I just feel she is being very unfair to her boyfriend who obviously knows nothing about these texts she sends me, else he wouldnt still be with her lol.
    Shall i just stop texting or continue?
    I'm in the same position as your girlfriend.

    Just because a girl breaks up with you after a long term relationship, that doesn't mean she doesn't have feelings for you anymore. It may have meant that she cared for you very much but didn't know where the relationship was going, or that she was feeling a need for some freedom.

    Leaving a relationship is a step into the dark. Maybe her life beyond you has not met her expectations, maybe she has some regrets about leaving you. It takes time to build a new relationship, it will always seem shallow in comparison with the depth of a relationship with a person you have been with a while, and she is probably comparing the two and falling back on her older relationship with you - after all, despite the fact that she broke up with you, you are the one she is used to talking to and depending on, and since everything is different with a new partner there are bound to be things about you she misses hugely. Also, it is easy to just remember the good things about a relationship once you are out of it.

    I left my ex six months ago, and have been seeing someone else for several months. I cared for him very deeply but didn't see a future with him. I've found it hard starting again, getting to know someone knew, and have made inevitable comparisons. I have been in touch with my ex, and have been calling him a lot. After all, I did love him, and miss him terribly - just because I was the one who left doesn't mean leaving him didn't hurt me terribly. I still don't feel close enough to my new partner to depend on him and talk to him in the easy way I did my ex, and ring my ex so I can talk to someone like that again and because in a way it gives me the best of both worlds - I have both of them. I know it is bad, and yes, despite the break up I do flirt with the idea of getting back together with my ex in weaker moments.

    I know I should break contact so we can both move on, and I think that would be the best thing for your ex to do - you are right in that she isn't being fair to any of you, certainly not her new boyfriend.
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