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Does he still like me as a friend?????????? are we both slightly attached? HELP? watch

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    me and my ex boyfriend got on again really well in december 2009, when he had gone to uni he said how much he had realised he wanted to see me again, we begun dating.. but by february we had started arguing, a year beforehand he had kind of used me for sex for quite a while so that was kind of hindering our relationship when we begun to date again this year. we were so on and off all the time, and even when he went away in august this year to america we had been emailing and he begun saying i miss you and want to see you. after he came back we met each other and slept together a few times.. and went to the cinema. near the end of august we went to the cinema on a friday evening, the next day he got with a girl (well 26 year old) who was working at the same place as me.. so i knew her, and knew he had liked her in the past. he said he had liked me alot earlier in the year when we dated but begun to think he'd be better off with her without the stupid arguments (which were all over text may I add) but when we were together we got on well. I have still texted him quite a bit after they got together, and he replies.. we discussed our relationship before they got together and he said he had liked me but didn't want to put up with the arguments and that i am too clingy because i texted him alot. today i texted him a few times and he rung me up like amy can you stop texting, i would reply if you didn't re send the same thing, i don't mind speaking to you if you don't harass me, and he asked whether we could just be nice to me. I know he doesn't hate me, just finds me annoying.. partly because im at uni and he is someone i know from home/still like so i want to keep in touch with him as a friend. I still really miss him :'( but I have no idea what he thinks of me??? i asked him not too long as and he said he doesn't dislike me but i can be annoying. but then i asked him why he told me he missed me on holiday a month ago, he said that he guesses he did but we were so on and off all the time he could never tell. I've known him 4 years, we slept together and did everything together, i lost my virginity to him and i was his first kiss and everything.. is there some kind of attachment between us?????

    Mybe on your part but I would bet there isn't any attachment on his.

    He clicks his fingers and you come running. Every time. Your relationship didn't work out the first time and you knew he had used you. Why did you keep going back to him? Everything is on his terms. Him getting with that girl most probably didn't materialise in an evening. It had probably been building up for a bit if they work together. If you didn't have feelings for him, you probably wouldn't give a toss about being his friend. He's told you what he thinks of you, and it's not entirely flattering, so why are you so persistent? Stop texting him, let go and fully embrace uni life. Get some self-respect.
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