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RAF WSOp Recruitment and Training watch

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    Hello Everybody,

    I am basically asking for a little guidance as to the whole recruitment & training processes with the role for WSOp.

    I have passed the initial AST and I am daunted by the next stage as I see it as extremely important for my future.

    Any Help would be very much appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    depending on the SDSR at the end of the month, there may not be any aircraft to fly....

    What's with the million and one WSOp posts at the moment. Read around this website and the RAF and use your initiative and you will find all the information you need and learn some key skills hopefully

    Dear Manc person

    I would always try to be as helpful as possible to anyone seeking information - however, all the information you could possibly want is here, either in the Stickys or the numerous threads on this page or the next page or the next one etc. Use the search facilty or Google. It really is not hard. I went to OASC in 1976 and there was no internet or social networking sites or anything, just a wee RAF pamphlet outlining the very broadest bones of the selection procedure. I managed to get in as aircrew with just 5 'O' levels (GCSE's but much harder!) and I'm not too bright. If you can't use your own initiative with ALL the publicly available information, then you'll have miserably failed the first test and won't even deserve to walk throught he doors of the AFCO. Sorry to be harsh, but it's the truth.

    No-one has the time or energy to compile a 'Dummies guide to joining the Army/RN/RAF* (delete as applicable)' unless they get paid for it! It so happens I'll have plenty of time on my hands in about a years time and may well write such a guide! However, based on the outcome of the SDSR in less than 3 weeks time, it may well be a very thin volume.

    Best of luck Mancunian - it's already tough to get into any job in the military, aircrew even more so .... and guess what, it's about to get even tougher.

    That persons enquiry must have really irritated you for you to have taken the time to open the thread, read his post and compile that lengthy rant that doesn't really benefit anyone. Hopefully it made you feel better.

    I understand that there are alot of people asking very basic questions (over and over, yes I know) but they didn't do it just to annoy already serving armed forces members. They are just asking for help.

    Perhaps just ignoring the thread might be a better option?!
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    (Original post by Merlin55)
    open the thread, read his post and compile that lengthy rant that doesn't really benefit anyone.
    Wrong. Some nuggets of good stuff in his reply that are very pertinent and worth noting. Your post actually added less than the one you are complaining about.

    Speak with your AFCO, arrange to go on the 55(R) Sqn NCA Information Day.
    You get all of the info you need, straight from the staff and instructors on the NCAITC and 55(R) Sqn.
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