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Suggestions on keeping expenses down watch


    (Original post by TravelGuru)
    How on earth do you buy a tenners worth of food in a week? I spend about £80 a week on food between myself and my partner. That is nuts.
    Easy peasy! Vegetables are dirt cheap, pasta's like 80p a half kilo, tin of tomatoes here, veggie sausage there and of course the odd sneaky packet of biscuits! Meals can be so cheap: roasted vegetables, risottos, bolognese especially, even with good quality meat, soups, stews. Eating healthily really is a bargain. And all the money saved goes directly to the pub fund

    eating vegetarian is ridiculously cheap.

    good quality meat in good portions is very expensive though.

    im just guna buy

    tins of soup 3 for £1
    cuppa soups
    cheap buscuits

    and buy the odd meal out

    i'll have about £45 per week to spend so want to spend between £10-15 on food, £5 on drink for in the halls, £4.50 phone(£18permonth) which will leave me with £20 to go out whether its getting drunk or for a bite to eat.

    Probs try to get a job early as well to top it up but budgeting is not hard at all. Take to the shops what you know you can spend. When i do my weekly shop i'll be taking £15 maximum so the rest wont get touched.

    Stop smoking.

    I have no idea how you spend a tenner a day. What are you spending per week, generally?
    I spend £15-£20 on food and maybe £5 on drinks. I don't drink large amounts though.

    Just cut down, shop sensibly, buying stuff you actually need, and generally be sensible! It's not that hard!
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    Whelp, I'll have y'all know I've actually managed to bring my expenses down to spending 50€ a week (for those economically challenged amongst you, that equates to approximately £40 in the current climate). This includes smoking (roll yer own, far cheaper), booze, and food. With a little left over at the end if I get the munchies and want a Burger King.

    To break it down, it costs me approximately 7€ for the materials to roll, between 25-30€ for meat, bread, veggies, etc., and about 10€ on booze, if I'm feeling like overdoing it a little (beer is 1.60€ the glass over here). This leaves me normally with about 5-10 euros left over, plus whatever change from the previous week.

    (Original post by Lathian)
    Okay, so here's the situation.

    I've spent the last couple of years in university, and almost every month of those two years, I've managed to hit my overdraft limit. Now, this wouldn't be a problem if it were with one or two days to go till I next received whatever support I was getting. The problem was, was that this was happening probably ten days before said payment.

    I despise borrowing money, and unfortunately (for my friends) I've had to bum off them.

    I'm sure that amongst the entire student population in England, there has to be at least one 'sensible' person amongst you who has found a good way of avoiding spending money wherever possible, and thus not falling prey to the bank's abominable charges for going 1p over your limit.

    On a side-note, I smoke like a chimney. If I didn't smoke though, I'd drink, which'd come out far more expensive in the end by my estimate. Boy's gotta have at least one addiction :eek3:
    What? If you want to keep your expenses down don't smoke and don't drink. A boy can have no addictions - sex is free if you can get it y'know.

    View food as nutrition and buy the cheapest yet beneficial food you can get.

    Try shopping around, visit Aldi and Lidl, buy bulk packs of rice/pasta, eat vegetables and potatoes.

    buy wholesale quantities and cook in bulk and freeze it. you can cook with good ingredients too, check this out: http://www.shortersclub.co.uk/produc...oes-255kg.aspx works out at half the price of regular tins and is easier to cook in bulk with.
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