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Braces while at uni? watch


    There's a guy here in his mid-twenties, studying law, who has braces. Nobody gives a ****.

    (Original post by ياسمين)

    I'm nearly 20, and for some reason decided not to go ahead with braces when I was 16. I now really wish I had and I'm self conscious about my smile - I even had two teeth removed at the side to make room for braces but then I was too vain to go ahead with it! Ironically, the missing teeth later on are making me feel self conscious too.

    I live with my boyfriend, and I'm a first year at Uni. The stupid thing is that I don't want braces because I've just spent thousands on new clothes and makeup and I feel like if I got braces now, it will just diminish their effect (I'm stupid and vain).

    Has anyone else had braces when they're a bit older? Do you think I should go ahead with it?

    What about asking for lingual braces, they go behind your teeth so you can't see them best of both worlds.

    I had them at 17, so quite a bit younger than you but still older than the average. I haven't looked back, would totally recommend it, my teeth are perfectly straight now.

    I got braces in may, and i was really worried about it at first. Honestly though, i don't even notice them now and most people like braces in other people anyway, so you'll be fine. Just think of the lovely teeth you'll have at the end of it

    Just do it. I got my braces in the summer between first and second year and got them off just in time for graduation (well, I still had to wear a retainer but I took that off for the day!). I was nearly 21 when I got them, and over 23 by the time I'd finished with the orthodontist- I bet he was glad to see the back of me, I'd been going to him since I was 12! Nobody cares- my friends didn't say anything, I didn't get snide comments and I met my boyfriend when I still had them on, so they can't have been that offputting. My teeth aren't perfect now but they're so much better than they were, and I can smile without feeling ashamed of my teeth. I smiled more with my braces on than I did when my teeth were all gappy and manky, because I felt less self conscious about them.


    That's me in the middle, and I don't think the braces look too bad, or in this one http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...79&id=36910246
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