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Is Britain a democracy? watch


    No, we are a constitutional monarchy with a democractically elected parliament. It is the former part of that which has traditionally kept us free.

    There is nothing virtuous about democracy (and I find it unfortunate that people would think so) but the English constitution and common law is virtuous in very many ways indeed.

    In a non-particpatory representative format which remains confined to the political sphere, yes. It's democratic by some standards, i don't think sufficiently so to merit appraise.

    The industrial sphere at present, is utterly devoid of democratic practice, in fact it's the inverse, a system of autocracy in which the workforce and community has no role - a system which would be called fascist if translated into the political sphere; depriving plastic creativity, intellectual potentialities, human nature itself and the intrinsic good of democracy in favour of egregious authoritarianism, a situation compelled upon the workforce through the market as the only alternative to abject indigence if not starvation.

    I always thought of Britain as probably the most democratic place in the world( much more so than the United States) but ever since Gordon brown signed the Lisbon treaty my view changed, even David Cameron said if the Tories got in power he would have a referendum on it but now he is saying it's to late. Gordon basically said the public are to stupid to decide so I’m going to for them. Like HL Mencken said " The common man is a fool". maybe so but I for one would like a say if I think Britain should join a new European super state.

    Good night and god bless
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