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    I have applied for student finance in early june and I have sent all the documents and evidence in. Ever since august I have been calling student finance at least once a week, and each time they'd told me that I will recieve the confirmation in about a weeks time, which has obviously never happened.
    About week and a half ago when I was on the phone to them they told me I have 8 more weeks to wait all of a sudden, and I thought that was rudiculus, but obviously I had no choice but wait. Now I called this week as well, and after being on the phone to them several times a week since beggining of august, now they have decided to tell me they want some more evidence, whereas I have been told, every time i spoke to them, that they had all my evidence and it was being processed! So I have asked the lady holw long it would take now and she has told me that I wouldn't get it until aftre christmas.

    I need to pay my accommodation and buy 11 books that will cost around £400 quid, and I need a majority of them from next week.
    If my accommodation isn't paid until 25th oct I will have to get parents to pay 1700 of it, and I cant as my mum is facing almost losing her own home, or I have to move out of my halls. I have already explained this to the accommodation people but they are just saying I have to pay otherwise I'm out.

    On top of that, I cant get an overdraft - I have been rejected by 4 banks, apparently because I dont have enough credit history. So now I have barely any money to live off, and I'm buying books off what i ve got, and a £10 weekly shop. I do have a job as I got a transfer here but I'm not earning as much as back home, and because of the nature of the job it is impossible to ask for any overtime ( I work in a nightclub).

    So now I have no money to pay accommodation, I'm struggling to buy books or food, not to mention my phone bill or anything else. I also have no overdraft, and no social life as I cant afford absolutely anything at the moment.

    Anyone in a similar situation??? I really don't know what to do, It makes me wanna give up uni altogether, but I dont want to

    That's what it'll be like once you've got your degree.

    Nah I was just being a ****. Good luck

    There will be someone at your uni who can help.

    Have you got a student advice centre or similar at your uni? There will be somewhere but it's just finding it. They will be able to help.

    There will also be the access to learning fund and other sources of financial help.

    What uni are you at?

    On another note, even if they do need to income assess you you should still be granted the minimum loan amount so they should be able to give you this and then pay you the extra once you have submitted the required evidence.

    Student finance are a nightmare, they will completely ******** you on the phone and feed you crap that if you don't know any better you believe, hence needing the student advice centre on your side.


    Exactly the same here, they've changed their mind about what they need everytime I ring them.

    "So once i send this in then it'll all be sorted?"
    "Yes that'll be everything, just ring back in 4 weeks to check it's been processed"
    4 weeks later "actually we need this, this & this" ¬¬

    Thankfully I've got savings to fall back on till my grant gets here. Only advice i've got is to keep bugging them by phone or letter, it'll get sorted eventually!

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