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Damn This As Ukab Computing Coursework! watch

    i did myne in delphi 7
    my source code is 21 pages long

    i go to school wanstead. the computing teacher is a layed back ******* who ony cares about his coffee. he expects A's from all of us and he F****** spends half of the lesson sayin how "computing is logic"

    to UKAB CWK

    ive finished but wont say hahahaha
    the system is working perfectly and is at A standard but the report is the fkn *****. the design is pretty easy but implementation is HARD.

    ive got 5 days to finish the bloody cwk AND IT ALL THE FKN TEACHERS FAULT

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    Yeah rite, ever heard of plagiarism??? Anybody who is stupid ebough to give credit card details over the net is also stupid and deserves to be kickoud out of the exam!!!!!

    I am doing the Documentation now, not that hard really.

    Good luck 2 every1 that DOES THEIR OWN WORK for this exam!

    ---Matt ---

    that must be talking about this link


    its seems to be down at the moment but keep trying ...i guess it must be that greedy guy trying to download it a million times

    G'Luck Everyone

    how much is this module worth compared to the module 1 and 2 anyway?

    Originally posted by i_am_fubar
    This stuff really bugs me, i have a week to do it, but my teacher has only taught us like 50% of what we need to know. He hasn't taught us VB but expects us to use it.
    hey im using VB2, and i kno its pretty hard! but once you kno da basicz, the rest should come quite easily!!!...p.s just wanna add im DONE!!!!!

    Originally posted by brendy_eire
    how much is this module worth compared to the module 1 and 2 anyway?
    I think they're all about equal in value, or maybe module 3 is slightly less, im not quite sure.

    i havnt started yet and in access it will take me 5 hours to produce a fully working (not pretty) program with all the macros.

    THe report will take 2 hrs. The revison for test will take 4 hrs. Easy

    I am more worried about pure maths ITS IMPOSSIBLE

    i done mine in Access cos everythings already programmed for you, but it dont matter how good ur system is it depends if you've actually got the document to hand into the exam. You think you ppl have got clueless teachers, my college teachers can barely speak english let alone teach the subject. If anyone wants any help let me no, im leaving my email address, btw if u do it in access dont forget that you can use visual basic in it as well, dats how i done that 'three week ' thing.

    email me if anyone wants any help, or i've got MSN Messenger as well.

    Jabz Ali

    I havn't even started either the report or the program yet but i intend to do it in Access, am i looking to use 2 tables or do i need loads? I don't have a clue what to do that's why i havn't yet started but i have like a day left.... I think im going to get a U on this module, lol...

    CP2 is 35% i think

    I've done everything except for DFD(Data Flow Diagram)... I'm not really sure how it's done. Can anyone help? Thanks...

    wow, that is a good project at http://siology.net/downloads/VB/End-of-year-project/ , but i think you gonna be disqualified for copying... don't you think the guys from AQA can visit this web site,

    It isnt very good, as it misses out the important stuff which actually gets the marks

    Oh my gosh!!!!!
    Exam's in 4 DAYS!!!

    Anyways yeah I'm cruisin, it's just that when I actually get hold of my teachers they just don't talk about the issues you really need to know about. I HATE THEM!

    MY advice to everone is that get a mate to tell you cos they're the true teachers!

    HA, my mates have even less of a clue than i do.

    Whee! I'm writing it in VB, it's about 1/3rd done, and it's due in on Monday! XDDDDDD

    ---Overlord (Get me coffee, I'm having an all-weekend VB coding session...)

    I havn't started, neither the report nor the program, and our internal deadline is tomorrow. Good luck to everyone else though.

    IM going to do it in VB or at least attempt to finish what ive done so far, I will also have a go at it in access wichever i find easier I will continue using.

    Im a bit stuck at exactly how to go about doing it though :/

    I do not want to copy others work but i would really like some tips/help if possible on how to best go about doing this.

    I will take what I have tommorow into class and as if at all possible i can hand it in monday as theexam is in teh afternoon so she can look over it in the morning.

    WOuld be much better I guess.

    My mail (msn is same address) is [email protected] so if anyone can lend me some pointers etc i would be most grateful

    Good luck to all as well! this is my 2nd timee redoing as computing as last years project was so crap I got an E in it :/

    Seriously, that one the guy did in VB, NOONE CAN ****ING USE IT!!!

    The password is hidden in the source code (its 'p' btw)...

    AND it tries to find stuff thats in the wrong drives, meanining the paths are all incorrect. Maybe the paths are all ABSOLUTE or sumthin, maybe you can change that it VB???
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