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(Original post by viviki)
It wasnt a one off. She said she was on the pill but no she wasnt, she wanted a baby but he didnt and rather than respect his wishes she went and got pregnant anyway. She takes all his money and barely allows him to see the child.
Even in long term relationships women arent that careful with the pill I confess I've forgotten to take it before now. my boyfriend trusted me to take it.

Women quite often dont get maintenance because they refuse to dislose who the father is so he can have nothing to do with the child and then moan about the lack of maintanence they receive.
Okay I see your points. And it does seem unfair But excluding the case you were talking about, people should be in a relationship were they can talk about these things and are aware of the consequences. But in the cases were both know they have not used contraception, that is when it should all become equal responisiblity and the father should be able to see and pay for his child.
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(Original post by ickle_katy)
no, there is very little information availible to young people easily....we had no sex education in my school. and theres such a bit taboo over sex that a young girl feels she cant go into the syrgery and ask for advice.

so were stuck...if young people cant make informed decsions...we as society will get everything thats coming to us.

love Katy ***
I my school it was just the opposite - we had sex education every year since year 6 (though our parents had to consent to that one). I felt that my school properly educated me.
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