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hi all, i am in my second year of my GCSE course and i have been given a topic of a timer. i dont even know where to begin in designing a timer that will act at a stopwatch that can time up to an hour with a LCD and a reset button. HELP!! i was wondering if any1 could send me a sutable circuit diagram? thnkz tom
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(Original post by tom121)
HELP!! i was wondering if any1 could send me a sutable circuit diagram?
This sounds pretty complicated! Try looking in some text books - I'm sure they'll be of some help. Ask teachers as well. And your mates - this is why it's handy to do similar projects!

When I needed help with circuit diagrams, I discovered the wonders of Crocodile Clips, a masterful piece of circuit construction software! I think it's called Crocodile Technology nowadays. You might have it on your school network. If not, just download a copy (trial copy of course) from the web site. It comes with a load of sample circuits suitable for secondary school, and you can modify them, if you want.

Here's a link to the Crocodile Clips download page

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