Is AnYoNe dOiN PhArMaCy @ uNi?

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just wanted 2 know if n e 1 was doing pharmacy @ uni, and whether or not they like it. Im quite interested in going to UEA, and if n e 1 is studying pharmacy there id like to hear about it.

Ive heard its a good and well facilitated university, and also that its approach to courses differ from the more orthodox styles of teaching. is this true? whats the night life like there?

The main concern though is about what the course involves, and id love to hear from ANYONE studying pharmacy.

Also, if i want 2 do work experiance in the pharmaceutical research field - where are the best places to go?

cheers ppl - any info will b much appreciated.

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As no better informed person has replied Ill tell you what I know . My sister does pharmacy (3rd year). It sounds like pretty hard work - about 20 hours lectures and practicals a week. They do a lot of organic chemistry, cell biology and stuff about how drugs behave etc, also some law relating to drugs and so on. Generally she seems to enjoy the course :rolleyes: . I think if you want to do research youre better off doing a pharmacology degree which concentrates on the science side but leaves out the training to be a pharmacist. Hope this helps.
Btw I think the best unis are Notts, Bath and Manchester.
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