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I am in trouble, I have the answer but don't know h o w to get to it :( watch

    Hello all,

    I am in trouble. I have to do an online numerical test (part of an application process) and had trouble doing the sample ones

    The sample ones are locates in those adresses:




    In the bottom of the page, if you click on the "Our response" icon, you can see which one is the solution.
    The problem is that I don't know h o w to get to the solution...

    Many thanks for any help.
    Much much appreciated.


    In country D, by what approximate percentage has the value of exports per employed individual increased between the years of 1994 and 1999?

    pop in employment 1994 - 22.3 mil
    pop in employment 1999 - 22.9 mil

    consumer goods exports 1994 - 126 million euros
    consumer goods exports 1999 - 154 million euros

    value of exports per employed individual 1994 = 126 / 22.3 = 5.65
    value of exports per employed individual 1999 = 154 / 22.9 = 6.72

    6.72 / 5.65 = 18.9%

    I might be wrong...

    q3: reading off graph country C between 85 and 90, country A is 200

    85:200 90:200
    simplify simplify
    1:2.35 1:2.2

    best approx is 1:2.5

    q7: these graphs are hard to read!
    Country C 1994 between 90 and 95 mill
    increase 20% per year for 3 years

    90 x 1.2^3 = 155.52 increase of 65mill
    95 x 1.2^3 = 180.576 increase of 75mill

    best approximation 75million increase

    May I thank you both for all your help! Much appreciated!


    I can see you are correct, but why do you multiply the Consumer goods exports with 1.2 ? When I was doing it I was multiplying it with .20 (for 20%)..

    You are correct again! Do you mind explaining to me how you get from 85:200 90:200 to 1:2.35 1:2.2 ? What is the process in between?

    Many thanks again!

    Sorry, should have explained myself.

    Increasing by 20%, so goes to 120% which is 1.2, happens 3 times (95,96,97) so to the power of 3 for final amount. It's just quicker - otherwise you find 20% add it on, do it again....

    To simplify the ratio to 1:n you divide by the number on the left so 85:200 divide both sides by 85, for 90:200 divide both sides by 90.

    Hope I'm making sense, and that you pass the test.

    Quite a fun, interesting puzzle
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