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    I just want to know what everyone attained on their mocks. I can now reveal my results.......

    English Language - B (Contented with my grade, albeit I'm achieving A*s on my pieces of coursework).
    Additional Science - A (Absolutely elated about this).
    Maths - C (I do foundation Maths, so, that's probably the equivalent of an A* in Foundation terms...).
    Graphics CW - C
    History - C (Genuinely surprising, thought I was going to get nothing more than an E due to lack of comprehension of some parts of History).
    Geography - C (There was no Geography mocks. I performed the real exams prior to the mocks as the head of Geography insisted we start our exams early).
    Science Core - C (Quite happy with this as most of my class achieved Ds and Es as it was a 45 minute examination. It really should've been longer).
    Art - D (Didn't finish, I'm too meticulous when it comes to artwork so I consumed a lot of my time on particular areas of detail instead of fixating on the whole piece itself)
    TCS - E (I had made a mistake that simultaneously affected my whole grade. I was supposed to do three chosen topics. I tried to do everything, that's why I didn't finish in time and hence why I achieved an 'E' grade).

    Overall, I'm quite happy with what I attained, but I must fixate on the penultimate examinations. For those that have recently performed their mocks, are you happy with your grades?
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    from what i've heard, most people go up a grade or two from their mocks. this really depends on the kind of learner you are: if you get spurred on from failure then you'll do better, but if you get depressed then you might do worse.

    i got 2 A*s and the rest As. that being said, none of the coursework grades were included, and there were no science or maths mocks (i had already done maths and science)

    in the real things i got 7A*s and 3As :sexface:

    but then, you get to where i am now and realise all that worrying was for nothing and tbh GCSEs were a bunch of rest and relaxation

    Mock Results:
    Maths : 76% (A)- slightly disappointed but did not do the work
    English Lit: 80% (A)-
    pleased as we only started the texts in September, got full marks on the poetry last Summer, and only required 2 more marks more for an A*
    English Lang: 79% (A)
    Biology: 82% (A*)-
    Very pleased as I only got a C on my mock for the previous unit
    Chemistry: 80 %- teachers not given grade boundaries yet but A/A*
    Physics: 82% (A*)
    Geography: 93% (A*)- but will not get as final grade
    History: 85% (A*)- wtfo
    French: 84% (A)- well pleased with this one
    German: 73% (B)- A boundary was 75% which I hope to reach on a piece of CA
    Level 2 thinking and Reasoning Skills: Distinction

    I got a B in ICT (short course) two years ago and also a gcse equivalent in the Arts three years ago. Will take my Verse and Prose Grade 6 in a week.

    My Mock Exam results for November:

    Biology - A*
    Chemistry - A
    Physics - A*
    Geography - A* (for natural environment) and B (for human)
    German Speaking - A* << real controlled assessment
    English Language - A*
    I didn't get the rest of the results..

    Only got a few results back so far but:

    English Language - A* [super pleased about this, thought I was only going to get a B or an A because I never completely finish the questions]
    Maths - C [I'm utter crap at Maths but my teacher said I should be able to get a B or even an A in the actual exam in June]
    Biology - A*
    Chemistry - B


    Only a few back so far

    Biology-C really need to revise as I'm predicted an A
    English Language B
    English Literature B-want an A but the fire alarm went off half an hour into it and we lost 15 minutes of the 2 hours so I'm happy
    Music: Listening A
    Performing A*

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