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ulcerative gums and tonsils, possible necrotic. Watch

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    *moved from general h&r to just health*

    Last week I had a bit of a sore throat just on one side, didn't think much of it, but by Tuesday I was in agony, looked in the mirror and there was a hole in my tonsil and it was swollen.

    The hole is about as wide as a 1p piece and as far as I can see about 1cm deep, which is really deep compared to the size of my tonsil!

    It was white around the outside and seemed to have dark greeny blue/black bits inside.

    I also have been having bleeding gums a lot recently so for the past 2weeks have been gargling with corsodyl(chlrohexidine) anti septic mouthwash twice a day and really stepping up on the flossing and brushing (it came on really sudden and my oral care hadn't changed!) No improvement here at all. I just have minty fresh breath from all the mouthwash haha.

    On Thursday I managed to get an appointment with my GP, who just checked my temperature and my ears looked at my tonsils for about 5seconds, said it was an ulcer and gave me 7days penicilin VK at 2x4xa day so 2000mg/24hours

    Took the first at 10am on Thursday and have been religiously taking them every 6hours since, even setting an alarm to take the one in the middle of the night!

    The 30/500 cocodamol and ibuprofen I am on have taken all the pain away and the swelling is not tender so I can swallow and eat fine. I am resting a lot, fluids, all that (but I seem to also have some virus as I have got that cold sore at the side of my lips and regular cold symptoms now on top *achoo*)

    However the hole in my tonsil is exactly the same size, just the black has all turned to white. It is also just as enlarged.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this before, and got any idea how long (if ever) until the chunky gaping hole out of my tonsil stops being white and starts to heal back together, and how long I should wait until I go back to my GP. The GP didn't seem at all concerned about it, just said take antibiotics and you'll be fine!
    You know like a nectrotizing ulcer eating away my tonsils is no big deal!

    He didn't take any swabs and when pressed said he "thought it was probably strep, maybe, but it's got pus and unilateral so can't be viral so antibiotics are the way'
    He felt my glands too, I noticed myself they were really really swollen on Tuesday like a chipmunk but by Thursday had gone down so I don't know if he could tell that or not, I tried to tell him but he wasn't interested.

    Googling I found about something called vincent's infection which would also explain the bleeding and receeding/little bits flaking away/necrotizing (bit not really swollen) gums, this is also a bacterial infection so I would hope the penicillin would kill it if it was that, don't like to self diagnose but felt that the doctor was so unsure!

    I seem to always be ill with annoying respiratory stuff too, allergies, coughing up green crap, blocked nose, sinus headaches blahblahblah but the doc said I am just unlucky and wouldn't give me any tests. Can I demand a blood test for say thyroid/white blood cell count and also a throat swab for a culture or would they charge me?

    What would you expect to see in a WCC count that would alter your treatment?

    Penicillin V is the reccommended antibiotic for tonislitis so sounds appropriate. A swab might have grown something to confirm the antibiotic is sensitive, but equally might not.

    Most bacterial tonsiltis get better on their own anyway.

    I would complete the course of antibiotics and then see what your tonsils look like.

    Rather than going in demanding tests what don't you make an appointment and explain your concerns and ask the doctor to explain whay they are not as concerned as you.

    Not an excuse for not explaining all to patient I know, but most GPs will see multiple tonsils just like yours everyday in this season which is perhaps why you felt he or she was dissmissive.
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Updated: November 28, 2010
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