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living with boyfriend and parents...help Watch

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    i dont want to bore you and i really need advise so i am going to make this short!
    bacically i moved to scotland just over a year ago to study. .
    6 months ago i met my boyfriend who i have to admit is one of the nicest, kindest, caring people i have ever met and he akes me very happy
    so since september i have been living with two girls and since week one one of them has been very nasty to me.. she has made up lie(which i found out about later) and blamed me for them, she is a very jealous person and really doesnt like the fact that my boyfriend and i get on so well and see each other so much. so she reported him to the landlord lying that he has moved in which caused a lot of problem cause if it was true it would be illegal.. she immitates my voice and puts up horrible things on facebook about me.. so after having to suffer all of that i decided to move out
    the planning of everything was going well untill the girls in the flat i was supposed to move in to decided they didnt need anyone after all told me yesterday...
    i only have one day left in this flat untill i have to move out cause i have already signed the end of the contract and i have nowhere to stay now...
    my boyfriends parent have told me that the door is always open for me and i have no other choice but to stay there untill i find a flat..
    i know its so nice of them and they arelovely people but i just cant help but feel embarrassed and that i have somehow failed.. i am an independant person and i always have matters under control but this has just made me feel awfull...
    has anyone ever had to live with boyfriend and parents? and how did they cope?
    how am i supposed to behave?
    dont get me wrong.. i couldnt be more thankfull about it but i cant help feeling like i have failed..
    also what do i do about this flatmate? tomorrow is my last day here... and i am going to report her at uni because she is the reason i have no flat now.. but do you guys have any more ideas?
    and sorry if i bored you:P

    My (then) boyfriend lived with me and my parents for 8 months. At this point we had been together for hmm over 3 years and we were aged 28 and 25! I know what you mean about feeling a failure, but as long as you contribute to the household (Either financially, or helping around doing jobs etc... ) then I see no problem. Also you should have an 'end' goal in sight... it might not be too bad living with the parents, but it certainly isn't ideal
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    hey thanks for replying! why did he stay 8 months? #
    i am hoping to make it 1 month the most..
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