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tuition fees. the payment debate. Watch

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    (Original post by Shortarse1)
    Who will benefit the most from this education?

    Students should pay.

    (Original post by ajtiesto)
    If students want to study at uni then they have to pay what the governments put forward. If you can't afford it then tough, blame your parents for not studying hard enough and getting proper jobs. Stop moaning you pathetic ****!

    (Original post by Fuzzed_Out)
    I think the student should be made to pay for their own debt, no one else's and all of their own.

    everybody thas says these things get on my nerves. they make it seem as though us students (and i would be saying this even if i wasn't a student) won't be paying them back.

    everyone would be moaning if we were all "hanging around the streets doing nothing with our lives" we therefore go to uni to help us along in our lives. we WILL be paying the money back, and with money we have worked extremely hard to be entitled to earn.

    they think we just expect the money to have come from nowhere. but we are not stupid, we know we will have to pay it back. we know it is other people that allow us to study. but we need the money to be able to live sufficiently (eating etc) which then allows us to study better, which allows us to get higher grades/degrees, which should allow us to go out into the world with a better knowledge of real life. and then we can use this knowledge to get a job to earn the money to send our children off to uni, and start the cycle again.

    these higher tuition fees just means that we have more debt when we come out, and i fear will also mean even higher on top of that due to having o take out higher loans.

    (this next sentence may cause offense and i'm sorry if it does i don't mean to be insensitive at all because i agree with what they say)
    people are always on about how the army is helping out our country and how they are real heroes, so why can't the "taxpayers" help out the people of the country which will effectively help out the country and the state that it is in?

    (Original post by NGC773)
    Im the one going to uni, im the one getting a degree, im the one that should pay for it.
    yes if you're willing to wait for years after you've finished school, so you can get a good enough job to get the thouands of pounds needed. others don't want that they want to carry on the studying whilst they have the info fresh in their minds, and then want to start families or want to carry on so that they can improve and actually spend their life doing soemthing they enjoy rather than just working for the sake of it. as is reinforced by:
    It's obviously pretty much impossible to have much money saved straight after college for uni though.

    as for blaming the parents, WTF?! yes ok some people parents are absolute douchebags and just live off the dole and do eff all with their lives, but others have generations before them whose parents have worked but haven't been able to get the jobs needed, what if they have a big family and not a very high-incoming job but are doing soemthing that is helping others? (eg teaching)
    you CAN'T say "blame the parents" and generalise it.

    i'm sorry for rambling on and getting so het up about it, but once my fingers started typing they didnt stop.
    and i'm sorry if things have come out the wrong way.

    Theres already a section for this with several threads debating the topic already...

    Bloody hell...

    You are paying your university back, alright? You are essentially paying for the degree you got off of them. The government is raising the fee cap so that they don't have to hand out dosh to keep the universities going and can reduce spending so they can focus on lowering the deficit.

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