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Fungal nail infection Watch

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    Am I right in thinking that mods have the ability to de-anon something, if they think anon is unnecessary? If so, my post is anon because this is kinda embarrassing and I don't want the people of TSR to assosciate me with gross toenails lol.
    I guess "anon or delete", is what I need to say here.

    Okay, so, pretty sure I have a fungal toenail infection. You don't need to tell me to see a doctor because I've already got an appointment for tomorrow. :p:

    But I am just wondering about people's experiences with this, so I can get a better idea of what to expect.
    What does the treatment involve?
    How long does it take?
    What happens to the nails... do they come off?

    Eurgh it's so sooo gross! I hate feet and just avoid looking at them. I wear socks like 23 hours a day, only take them off to have a shower.
    Obviously I knew I had a problem but I thought it might get better if I just left it... but it's getting worse... and this weekend I Googled what happened if it goes untreated... :puke:
    If anyone else on this board thinks they have it btw, see someone! Sooner rather than later!

    Ive had one of these for a long time. Ive been on terbinafine tablets for over a year now and its made no difference, the nail has grown a tiny bit but not much. On the other hand, my dad had the same problem and has been taking the same tablets, and his toenail dropped off and is completely fine now.

    My GP now wants me to have it removed but Ive said theres no way that is happening!!
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    Ive got some stuff to paint onto the nail that my gp gave me (cant remember what its called) I was offered terbinafine tablets but they can make the pill not work and I was worried about that, esp cos it can take a year or more to fix the nail!

    Have it on both big toes, one has cleared up and the other is still looking a bit horrible, but it was worse to start with.

    Can take a long time to clear them up, or they may never fully get better which is pretty gutting, dont fancy getting it removed tho!

    But yeah i think they are horrible and embarrassing, wish id got something sorted sooner!
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    Well I got some cream today, so we'll see how that works. I have to go back after Christmas to have it checked.

    I'm not keen on taking tablets in general, but especially not if they interfere with the pill, and the nurse said they take at least 6 months! :O
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